22 March 2012


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This time last year, I remember feeling very stressed out, thinking that I wasn't going to achieve what I managed to in the end. There was on module though that I really enjoyed, and helped kickstart my career and carry on blogging the way I do now. Journalism Professional Practices (or JPP). You may remember me mentioning Silhouette? Well that was my blog with 3 lovely girls, and I'm so proud of what we achieved.

Looking back, there's so much more we could have done, but didn't really know how or what was best... Now I do. So much so, that when I went to visit my university last month, I was intrigued to see how developed the module has become and what the students are doing. I guess the course has become a lot more 'social media' orientated, as they were already pretty clued up! I've been keeping check on what's happening on each blog, and there are a few that have really caught my eye lately (in no particular order).

I Have Never - Very original concept that they've taken (and it's not all about the drinking game), but this page in particular I think you would find pretty entertaining, involving three guys and make-up. Intrigued beauty bloggers? You should be. To be fair, their stories are great as well, but their challenge videos offer something different (something which I never saw (or did) last year).

Diverse Mag - I have a soft spot for this blog, as I met the girls last month (who are all lovely!) and gave them a few tricks of the trade. I've got high hopes for them! They cover a range of issues, from health, parenting and relationships, so they've got a lot to offer with their articles. I've also noticed a couple of them have since set up their own blogs - Terri and Gemma - so check those out too!

The Beauty Spot - another great blog, which I had to share with you... I specifically like their 'Old Wive's Tales' page, testing out old beauty regimes. Very funny, and fair play to trying them out in the name of journalism! With articles on airbrushing, fashion and botox (to list just a few), they do offer a broad range in the world of beauty, so go have a look :)

The Awkward Pint - With their weekly 'Man of the Week' features, their last choice had a lot of retweets/coverage, and rightly so. I'm personally a fan of their Twitter feed, as they always draw me into what is going on in their blog - I know they've got quite a few stories planned, so very intrigued to see what they come up with next. The blog also has a photo of Wills and Harry, so that should be enough to draw you to it (it helped me).

Don't get me wrong, all the JPP blogs are fab, so if you want to check out the other blogs click here for the JPP blog list on Twitter :)



Terri Bacon said...

aw dani thank you so much for saying that about Diverse! :D were so thankful! x

Gemma Louise said...

I echo what Terri has said above :-) thank you so much! & thank you for mentioning my own blog too. Very grateful, it's so nice of you! I love your blog & have took some advice from the blogging tips you posted on Twitter about keeping the design of the blog simple etc. I've definately got the 'blogging bug!'now.xx

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