04 March 2012

Photoblog: February 2012

1. Chocolate & Espresso cake | 2. Moving day to Bristol! Enough stuff? | 3. One of my new flatmates, Nipper | 4. Freaking out on the train preparing my lecture at uni | 5. Sheffield - I'm home! | 6. Getting 'drunk' with my ex tutors | 7. £2 steak lunch - to die for | 8. 'Break up cupcakes' made by Holly my flatmate - delish | 9. Chillin' with the boy | 10. New casing on my MacBook - looks brand new without the nail glue | 11. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona | 12. Mobile World Congress - you can just about see the other side far in the distance...



Gem said...

oooh all the food looks amazing, I'm really hungry in work now! that dog is such a cutie x

miss elle said...

The cake has me drooling! and the dog is sooo cute :) i love these sorts of posts. http://misseelle.blogspot.com/ xo

xXxStundonxXx said...

That £2 steak looks flipping amazing! Bargain!
Break up cup cakes? Hope everything is okay xx

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