08 April 2012

darkest before the dawn

Dress: COW Vintage
Blazer: Topshop
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bracelets: Accessorise

I bought this dress on impulse when I lived in Sheffield two years ago, and it's still treating me well. It's a very clingy dress, so I can only wear it on good days... and the fact I haven't worn it in a year says a lot. I can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't expensive. I've definitely made the most of it money-wise, and it's still going strong. It's quite stretchy so covers my tallness well. I bought this blazer to wear at my brother's wedding nearly two years ago as well. Old outfit or what! I may have to start digging out the blazer more often now for general wear... The colour is perfect for summer so it would be stupid of me not to.

Happy Easter everybody! I have no chocolate to eat today as I forgot to bring my easter eggs back home with me. Massive fail. But even so, today still consists of eating (hopefully some of my parent's easter eggs if they're kind... No?), resting and sleeping. My sciatica has kicked in good and proper and it really hurts to walk. I'd blame the shoes, but I think they just sent it over the edge as it's been coming back gradually all week. Wheelchair please?


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Jess said...

I have always loved this dress on you! Your hair looks really vibrant in these pics too xxx


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