11 April 2012

tonight, we are young

weird face. and apparently i didn't move my dressing gown out the shot.
Top: River Island
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Next

The River Island sale completely ruined my bank balance last month. I bought this shirt after spotting it online, and knowing I needed it in my life. I refused to pay for delivery though, so thankfully I found it in the Bristol Cabot Circus store! I adore the lace collar/tie - minimal detailing can make such a difference to an outfit. I'm not usually one for lace, but it's a cute little addition to this shirt. It's also long enough to wear over leggings, which is great for me as I've definitely hit the phase of wearing 'long tops over leggings' instead of jeans again. However, it's since been washed and it looks like it could have shrunk a little bit. I will be absolutely devastated if that's the case!

So the lighting was shocking when I took these photos... You can barely see the shoes (although they're not new, so it doesn't matter IMO). I've also cheated today, as this was taken a few days ago. My outfit today is actually pretty boring... and now my hair has turned into a frizzball after walking home in the rain. I usually hate rain, but for some reason I found it quite relaxing and calming... Strange, yes? It was nice to walk in the rain (luckily it wasn't raining much, else I wouldn't be happy getting home like a drowned rat) just thinking about stuff, getting my head together etc. Do you ever feel like that?


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Emily said...

This is so pretty, the lace tie just completes it so nicely! When I don't have anywhere to be (and having a wet, frizzy mop on my head is acceptable), I'm also quite partial to a stroll in the rain- as long as it's not too cold!xx

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