15 May 2012

and i'm sick of this love game

Top: River Island
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: New Look
Lego ring: Handmade
Bracelet: No idea
Nails: Barry M in Yellow

Bare legs in May? Daring much. I actually stayed like this for an hour and then gave up the moment I saw rain outside. Imagine this outfit with tights and you get a true idea of what my outfit. I bought this flowery top from River Island in the last sale... I think it cost around £10, maybe a bit less. It's slightly longer than a crop top but still comes short. It's quite loose and light to wear, so will be perfect in the summer months. I love the variety of colours and the chunky white buttons. I feel like I've entered the 60s era (which is quite possibly my favourite fashion era)!

I've had quite a busy day today, for once! After a late morning gym session (I'm getting addicted), I met up with my best friend Jess for lunch, booked myself in for a much-needed hair cut tomorrow and finally booked my tattoo in for next week! Busy busy busy! I'm so excited to get my tattoo now... As long as it doesn't hurt. I've been told it shouldn't do as much as the first one, but knowing me I'll be screaming in my head because I'm such a wimp.

Now I've finally organised my room, I found my 'danijewellery' stash, and I've actually got a few rings and necklaces left over, so I may be setting up my shop again soon! It'll all be cheapy cheap and not restocked so get them whilst you can! I'll blog about it as soon as I've sorted it out (:



daisychain said...

I love this outfit :) xo

furniture stores said...

I'm loving it all!! The detail of the fashion, travel, life, photography is beautiful! The entire look is very nice.

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