12 May 2012

gonna show the world that something good can work

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: Zara
Rings: Wavy Jewellery and handmade

Whenever I have to clear my wardrobe and chest of drawers, I always find some clothes buried at the back that I haven't worn in months. Probably a standard thing for us fashion bloggers, but I always get a bit excited as it feels like I have something new all over again. I bought this top last year to take on holiday with me - I think I wore it twice through the whole year and then it never appeared out of the drawer again. With the little bit of sunshine going on today, I thought I would slightly get the midriff out (I'm glad this skirt is quite high waisted so I can get away with doing so!) and wear it again. I love the bird print on it and the tie at the bottom - it's quite thin though so I can only really wear it on warm sunny days when I won't freeze. As for the skirt, I found this little beauty in my wardrobe in Bristol. I only bought it last Christmas and completely forgot about it! Not great for windy days though... Like today, as I found out earlier when I was unloading the car. Luckily no one was around. Embarrassing much.

Also, I just want to say a quick thank you to Kate from Wavy Jewellery for sending me a replacement to my red stone ring that I wore twice but broke off (you may have noticed me talking about it on Twitter). She sent me a replacement, which you can see on the photos, and I love it :) Don't forget to check out her shop, as she's got some really cute jewellery items on there!

Having a quiet weekend for a change, although I may have a glass of wine tonight whilst watching The Voice and Britain's Got Talent... It is Saturday after all! Today also includes sorting my room out (still!) and getting my CD player fitted in my car. I bought it so I can listen to my iPod when Greg James isn't on the radio... Plus it flashes different colours (obviously a key point to my purchase). I still need a name for my car too...

Any ideas please? It needs to be a girly name. So far, suggestions include Pizzhead (I'm not even joking. Cheers dad.), Mooxy JR, Shepz... Although now I've stuck a Minnie Mouse aerial topper on it, I'm tempted to just call it Minnie or Minz or something like that. I don't know... I'm rubbish with decisions. Help me please?


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