23 May 2012

Hard to dance with a devil on your back

Vest: Clothes Show Live
Shorts: Topshop

I don't feel right wearing these shorts in the UK. I feel very underdressed... even though it's so hot outside! I love the light pastel shades in the subtle flowery print - I bought these a couple of years ago I think, so I doubt you'd be able to get them now. These are definitely my 'summer' shorts, even though they are pretty versatile and I could wear them during A/W with black tights etc. Because of the heat, I decided to just throw on my Minnie Mouse vest as it's a loose fit, comfortable and very thin so it should help keep me nice and cool!

I was meant to be having a day out today with a friend, but things changed so I'm now outside in the garden with my Kindle, trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as I can and cheer myself up. Hoping to rebook my tattoo today for some time this week... I'm so desperate to get it done now! And I've just realised that I'm off to Leiden in Holland a week tomorrow to visit my brother, sister-in-law and finally meet my nearly 1 year old niece! It'll be good to get away for a few days and visit them. Leiden is such a lovely place.


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