09 May 2012

lipstick, eyelash, broke mirror

Shirt & Skirt: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Shoes: H&M

Bit of a late outfit post... I didn't get chance to post this on Saturday (as I wore this on Friday night) but I had to give it a mention. I love this shirt from Topshop... I almost feel like I should be working in a ince cream parlour when I wear it. Unfortunately, with majority of clothes, the length has shrunk so it's more like a crop top, but it still works well when I wear it with something high waisted, such as this cute jersey skirt. I think this outfit is quite flattering really... especially where the skirt sits on my waist. It makes me look that little bit thinner. Always good.

I've got a very busy two/three days ahead now... But I've scheduled in some posts so the blog will be updated (which makes a change for me)! I've finally joined the gym after 2 months of saying I would... Now I'm back home and have a car, I plan on practically living there (lies) during this month. I'm excited to get my fitness up to scratch again, along with getting into a routine and keeping myself busy!

I'm also going to book my next tattoo for hopefully next week... I'm going to get a meaningful Disney quote along the side of my right arm/wrist. When I say 'meaningful', it's more like a bit of advice that I'm going to live by from now on... Excited! Tomorrow is also the big Bristol move out day, so that'll be a big mixture of emotions all in one go. Busy busy busy!


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