22 May 2012

Mental pictures, no cameras please

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: eBay
Rings: Clothes Show Live
Bracelet: Vintage stall
Necklace: Topshop

This slightly pleated (and very creased by the looks of things) midi skirt was an eBay special last year, and one that was obsessed with wearing. It's so easy and light to just throw on when the weather is warm, as it doesn't make you hotter. It's quite a loose fit, and the elasticated high waist makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. I wanted to experiment with various splashes of colour, and I thought this flowery Primark shirt did the job. You can't tell as it's tucked in, but the length is pretty decent. What are the chances that it'll shrink into a crop top for me though? I'm thinking quite high.

Today was meant to be tattoo day, but it was cancelled as the tattooist is ill. I'm absolutely gutted because I was raring to go! I'm hoping I can get it rebooked for sometime this week, so fingers crossed. On Thursday, I'm going to see the Olympic torch go through my hometown - very exciting! Have you seen it yet, or are you planning on going to?


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Joseph Kent said...

I really like your top. I swear Primark constantly get better and better in their designs. At least for womenswear anyway.

The torch is coming through Bournemouth on Friday 13th July. I think I'm going to be chasing it with my camera!

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