25 May 2012

PromNoTan 2005/07 vs PromTan 2012

Tis the season to get dolled up to the nines, put your best dress on and dance the night away with your school friends. Your school or college/sicth form prom was the time that everyone was waiting for. Not only was it an excuse to get dressed up and get drunk (if you're old enough, may I add...), but it was also the night that you realise "Oh bloody hell, it's time to grow up now" and either move onto to study A Levels or onto university. It was that season a fair few years ago for me now... But I remember both of my proms like they were yesterday(-ish)...

stupid sunlight and scanned photos
Dress 1: Monsoon (around £150) Dress 2: River Island (£20 in the sale)

As you can tell by the price difference, I was slightly more bothered about my school prom than sixth form... I honestly think I was more bothered about having money to drink at that point. That sounds really bad on my part. Every time I look at my prom photo albums, I think to myself 'good grief, I've changed'... and then 'I wish I had decent make-up on'... followed by 'I look really washed out and pale'. These photos I've posted on here don't look too bad, but honestly, I looked like I've had a whitewash on my face for the second prom. Awful.

Back then, I think people weren't as fussed about fake tan as we are now... Or was that just me? Possibly. I do wish I 'discovered' fake tan though, especially for my second prom, but never mind. It's too late for me... But it's not too late for you (if you've got your prom coming up, that is!)

I recently came across this competition from sienna X - PromTan 2012. They're offering the chance for a group of 7 to win a 'glamourous spray tan party' just before their big prom night. You can also win a professional photoshoot, become the official faces of sienna X Prom 2013 and you get £250 to spend for the prom. Jealous? Yes I bloomin' well am.

If you've got your prom coming up, or know someone who does, then why not enter this to see if you get the chance to win and avoid looking all pale like yours truly here?! Don't make the same mistake I did. Srsly.

All you need to do is send sienna X 50 words explaining why you and your friends should become the winning sienna X Prom queens. EASY. Check out the website for more information and where to email your answer etc... It closes on 8th June though, so hurry up and enter!


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