20 May 2012

They're gone so fast

Dress: Topshop
Crop top underneath: Primark
Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Earrings: Topshop
Bracelets: Primark
Ring: Blanche & Lola

This is the second time I've given this dress an outing. The first time was in Sheffield so I didn't get chance to take any photos (apart from the silly little one in my April photoblog). I absolutely love this dress, and it was less than £30, which is amazing for Topshop. The top part is quite sheer but not too much... The stripe effect helps die down the sheerness so I don't feel on show too much. I hate feeling like I'm flashing - I never really understood that trend! I wore a little black crop top underneath though so I felt 'safe' enough. I wore my favourite Irregular Choice shoes... You can tell they're my favourite pair due to the dirtiness! Horrendous. Also, RIP to my tights... In a state of annoyance, I managed to rip them all up my leg. Absolutely devastated. So much so, I'm tempted to purchase a replacement! Anyone want to lend me £20 so I can buy a new pair? No?

A bit too high up!

I actually had a really good night last night, despite a few issues. My friends and I realised how sad we are remembering ALL the lyrics to 3 Vengaboys songs, and other cheesy songs that were played. Safe to say we were in our element, and I'm very thankful to have such amazing friends. We're as sad as each other.

I've got one more week left until I start my new PR job. Pretty exciting times ahead! Trying to sort out a few plans to keep myself occupied, to make the most of the time off and the apparently warm weather we're due to have. ROAD TRIP! Today, I'm hoping to get some munches with my baby niece. She never fails to make me smile, and that's definitely what I need! How is it that kids have such an effect on your mood?!



Steph0188: StephanieDreams said...

Love this outfit :) the dress is gorgeous and I literally adore the tights xx

xXxStundonxXx said...

Lovely outfit, such a shame about your tights!
Its amazing how the lyrics come back to you, 5ive & Backstreet Boys were on the radio the other day and I remembered all the words to both songs! Gotta love the Venga Boys! xx

Cherry said...

Love the tights, shame they split though!

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