25 May 2012

You better move over

Dress: Topshop
Waistcoat: TX Maxx

I have been waiting for the right moment to wear this pale blue Topshop midi dress all week and I couldn't wait any longer. I've felt really cool in this dress, as it's not heavy to wear whatsoever. It's the type that I could dress up with accessories and some heels, or dress down (like today) with flats/wedges and not much else. I never feel the need to wear a lot of jewellery in the summertime - even though I could probably do with a necklace on, I don't fancy having weird tan lines on my chest.

The crochet waistcoat is a new addition to the wardrobe (which my mum bought me - so I'm still doing well with my ban!). I've wanted one like this for absolutely ages, and found this beauty in TK Maxx (possibly the only time in years that I have actually found something decent in there)! It goes with practically everything and just adds something extra to my plain outfit.

Seeing the Olympic torch yesterday was surprisingly good, although it only lasted 5 seconds. Standing outside for an hour, waiting for a very quick glimpse of the torch doesn't really seem worth it, but it was probably the first and last time I would have witnessed it. Ended up going to a beer garden for the rest of the day, drinking cider, catching up with friends and trying to win a Tigger teddy from a toy claw machine (Is that what they're called? I can't remember). Now, I'm off out in the sunshine again with the lovely Laura... I have no idea what we're going to be doing but we've decided to 'go wild'. Oh dear.


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Lisa Philbin said...

Gorgeous dress! And the crochet waistcoat just compliments it! All ties in so well together!!

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