30 June 2012

I heart: Lavish Alice

With all of the end of season sales going on, there's one brand that I'm still waiting for. That, or I've missed it and I'll just have to get over it and buy some items anyway! I don't own anything from Lavish Alice, but I always see plenty of beautiful pieces on the website that I would love to have in my wardrobe. The price range is pretty reasonable, but I can't comment on the quality, so whether they're worth the money is another matter. I've heard great things about Lavish Alice though, so I'm more than willing to give it a chance. I guess you could say this is my 'wishlist'... and it's only going to be a matter of time until I crack and order a couple of things.

Black & Pink Ombre Dip Died Cropped Fringed Bralet - £25 | Nude 3/4 Sleeve Peplum Top - £21 | Galaxy Print Sleeveless Silk Blouse - £23

Cream Polka Dot & Pink Pleated Chiffon Dress - £22 | Mint Floral Chiffon Cut Out Sleeveless Summer Dress - £32 | Pale Blue Chiffon Pleated Tail Hem Dress - £38

Mint Aztec Stitch Frayed Edge Denim Shorts - £23 | Tie Dye Leggings - £12 | Black & White Striped Padded Cropped Bralet - £18
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28 June 2012

Break it back down

Top: Zara
Bralet underneath: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Headband: Primark
Rings: Handmade

So it's a bit too warm to wear this outfit... Which is why I'm lying as I actually wore this the other day. I've had a few compliments about this top. To be honest, I didn't think it was the best top in the world. It's a simple design, slightly sheer and plastered in navy blue stars. I quite like the low cut pointed back on it too. It's nice to have something a bit different, rather than keep to the standard neckline it has at the front. The only thing I would say that's negative, is the size of the sleeves... My underarms do feel like they're being cut, but it's not too uncomfortable. It's liveable. I decided to wear a bralet underneath, but it's not overly noticeable, which is a big plus as I don't like showing too much during the day. I also dug out my trusty flower headband - I must admit, I still feel a bit like Jesus when I wear it (am I allowed to say that? Oh well, already have). Plus, the flowers are dropping off so it'll soon just be a piece of green plastic. Not sure that'll be a good look.

I honestly don't know where half the week has gone. It's quite nice to know that the weekend is near again. I've got a few exciting prospects coming up, which I'm keeping under wraps for the time-being. Other than that, I'm currently looking forward to going out on Saturday with my best friend and (fingers crossed) having a decent night out!

Did any stay up until midnight for the Zara sale? I did. Although I managed to buy some pretty things, I seriously regret that decision now I'm at work all day. Pass me the coffee. I don't even drink it.

EDIT: I say it's too warm today. It is... but this would have been a lot more practical to wear than the outfit I'm wearing now. Sandals in the pouring rain? Good choice.

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26 June 2012

If you love it like I love it

It looks like I have a bald patch on the side of my head. Lies.
Shirt: Topshop
Vest underneath: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Necklace: Babi-Online
Lego ring: Handmade
Moustache ring: Cheap Frills

An easy going outfit, relying on the epic colour scheme/contrast going on in the leggings to make a statement. Some people around my hometown still do not understand the epicness of these leggings. They still judge me as some crazy weirdo/what-on-earth-is-she-wearing girl. It's called fashion kids. This sheer shirt literally goes with anything, and can be dressed down like this outfit, or dressed up such as the last time I wore it when I went to Sheffield. I wish the front was slightly longer though, but as long as my leggings are of thick material and decent quality, I shouldn't need to worry too much.

Excuse my moody expression on both photos. They were the best images... I'm not that moody. Honest. In fact, I know I've had my off days recently (doesn't everybody?!) but I've realised a lot during this time. Looking over the past few months, my life has literally been everywhere. I moved to Bristol. I changed jobs. I moved back home. I visited Sheffield numerous times. I gained friends. I lost friends. Now, I've finally reached a point where I can settle down into a routine again and get back on track. The friends I still have are amazing. My family are the best. My job and my colleagues are great. There may still be one thing missing in my life, but right now, I'm content, happy and eager to see what the next few months will throw at me. Hopefully not much... I could do with a rest.

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25 June 2012

Palmer's Daily Cleansing Gel

Palmer's Daily Cleansing Gel*

I won't talk too much about this product. I probably should... but I won't. All I can really say is... Avoid this cleanser, especially if you've got dry/sensitive skin.

Palmer's sensitive skin range has been reformulated, so I was looking forward to seeing how this cleanser would work for me. The brand holds a very mixed view from myself, as I hate the body lotion but quite like the facial cream. I'm afraid it's gone more negative now though.

I gave this product two weeks to win myself over. I was hoping it would get better, but it didn't and I couldn't handle it anymore. Palmers states that it lifts away dirt, oil and make-up, without making your skin feel dry, tight or stripped. They got it all wrong.

My eye make-up was still intact (it was only a daytime look as well, so not like there was a great deal to take off) after use, and my face felt so incredibly dry and tight afterwards. It was very uncomfortable. Not even my favourite moisturiser settled my skin - it was beyond help. My skin did go slightly patchy as well - my cheeks looked more flushed than usual, which I hate. My cheeks do have a natural blush to them, but it was a lot brighter after this. Not in a good way either.

Needless to say, I didn't even want to give this to a family member or a friend to try after it massively failed for me. This isn't a great product, and it is a real shame... But I'm starting to think that this brand really isn't made for those with dry/sensitive skin. Sorry Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula.

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22 June 2012

In the path of a lightning bolt

messy hair
All Topshop

One good thing about my job is that I can pretty much wear anything, as long as I don't look like a scruff. I guess you could say I dressed a bit smart for work this time, and threw on my striped blue shirt that has shrunk a lot, and my new black maxi skirt which I currently adore. The elasticated waist makes it very comfortable to wear, and the way it sits means it's quite slimming (great if it's a fat day or you've got a bit of a food baby going on!) Excuse the hair though - being in a rush means that you don't really care about smoothing your hair down... Or is that just me being lazy?

I'm so glad it's the weekend now. I'm feeling a bit run down, but I reckon it's mainly due to the fact I still haven't recovered from last weekend's lack of sleep. For obvious reasons (although most of you probably won't know what the reason is) I'm staying in this weekend, aiming to clear my head and just relax with the family. I won't lie and say the bottle of wine in the fridge will still be there by the end of it though. In other news, I've finally started reading 50 Shades Of Grey. I'm only one chapter in, but I'm hooked already. Yes, I'm late jumping on the bandwagon, but better late than never!

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20 June 2012

Lesson learned in time

Dress: Topshop
Leggings: eBay
Trainers: Topshop
Body necklace: Topshop

So it's safe to say I went a bit experimental with this outfit. I do like to see what works and what doesn't... Even if I do look like a fool during it, but ah well. Mixed my trusty wine coloured skater dress with my Beetlejuice style leggings, which I quite like together. Of course, I didn't stop there, as I can't stop wearing my new favourite wedge trainers at the moment (with added pink socks!) so I just had to wear those. I must admit, I added the body necklace on as I have yet to wear it, but I briskly took it off as I figured I had a bit too much going on in the same outfit. I love this necklace though - I don't usually spend much on jewellery, so £20 was a pretty hefty price for me to spend, but it's worth it. I think it will really enhance an outfit, especially if I'm just wearing a plain dress etc. I probably took this entire outfit too far, but I was in the mood to go a bit 'out there'.

This week is absolutely flying by. I can't say I've done a great deal, apart from go to work, but it's a pretty good week so far. I did manage to meet up with a good friend of mine, who I literally haven't seen in nearly 2 years. It was lovely catching up with her, and now I'm back home, fingers crossed we'll see more of each other! As for last night, I was drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the football (well, as much as you could enjoy it... It wasn't the best match ever, but at least we got through. Enough with the football chat now). I'm trying to plan something fun to do during the weekend... Considering a road/train trip somewhere but I have no idea where. Anyone fancy a weekend visitor?

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18 June 2012

You stole my star

Tshirt: Topshop
Shorts: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Wedge trainers: Topshop

I feel like I've cheated on Motel with these shorts... but for just £10, I couldn't exactly say no. They will be perfect when (or more likely 'if') we get some summer weather again, or dressed up for a night out. I had to wear leggings with them, else my legs would have been epically cold. I'd prefer not to wear leggings, but you know when you buy something new and you just have to wear them the next day? That's how I felt. I dug out this old t-shirt as well... I quite liked the print clash against each other, and I think I'll experiment a bit more with what I could wear with these shorts. As for the shoes, I'm literally in love with them. So much so, I'll showcase them properly later this week.

I'm glad the weekend is over and done with now. It's easy to say that it was one of the worst of the 2012 so far. But anyway, I'm going to be very busy with work and the gym this week... I want to be so busy that I don't have any spare time to think about anything. This month has been a weird one. Bring on July.

Also, I'm considering either another tattoo or microdermals... Where else could I get a tattoo (I already have one on my left hip and my right arm)? Or have you had microdermals? I need some advice so I can weigh up which I would prefer to get. I know Lily has had microdermals, but I'm interested to find out what other people think, if you've had them on your chest, arm, wherever... :)

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17 June 2012

You've got a black heart

Top: Primark
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Stone ring: wavy Jewellery
Lego ring: Handmade
Keeping it casual with my high waisted denim shorts and bear screenprint t-shirt today. I wish the shorts were a tiny bit longer, but never mind, they're my go-to shorts that I can dress up and down depending on the time of day and occasion. I've had them for around 2 years now, maybe more, so you could probably class them as a bit of a 'staple piece' in my wardrobe! So much so, I also have them in black...

Last week was been a bit of an odd one, in all honesty... I didn't really fancy blogging that much as I threw myself into work and the gym. This weekend didn't pick up much either - Friday night was one of the worst night outs of my life. I'm not going into it on here, but thankfully it's all okay now. Three hours sleep later, Saturday involved spending too much money, catching up with various family members and generally being all zoned out. Today has been slightly better though - a good catch up with my best friend and celebrating Father's Day (my blog post dedicated to my dad made him all tearful. Bless). All ready to throw myself into work and the gym now though... with hopefully a bit more blogging on the side too!

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Happy Father's Day

My dad will hate me for posting a photo of him on here... but never mind. This was taken on my first ever holiday in Cornwall, and it's one of my favourite ever photos. I'm 23 years old now, and yet I'm still classed as his 'little girl'. He's done so much for me in the last few years (well, all my life, but you do notice it a lot more the older you get) and I have no idea what I would have done without him (the same goes for my mum, of course)!

I don't say it as much as I should, but I love my dad a lot. He's awesome. Happy Fathers Day xx

On an end note, you can really see my standard 'Muppet smile' on this photo... and I want those leggings (adult size obviously) back in my life!

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10 June 2012

Like a fruit machine

Vest: Reiss (freebie with Elle Magazine)
Bandeau top: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Toms

These Primark jeans were screaming out at me when I first spotted them. I'm not even sure why - the print isn't fantastic. I'm not a fan of tigers. They fit like a dream though, and are slightly ankle grazing (although that could just be due to my height). I do like the idea of patterned jeans, and I think these will grow on me in time.

As for the Reiss vest, did any of you get the freebie in the recent ELLE magazine? I know they can't really do it by size, but surely they'd know not to make it so you would flash everything to the world if you didn't wear a top underneath? I don't really like layering vests, but I definitely need to for this. It'll come in handy one day though, I'm sure.

Currently going through a bit of a blogging 'can't-really-be-bothered' frame of mind at the moment. I'm now sat down at my desk, determined to get a few blog posts done so I don't have to worry about blogging during the week, and hopefully will help me miss my blog and get back into it next week! Whether that'll work, I don't know. I love blogging, but I think I've just gone a bit lazy with it.

Off to see my best friend for lunch today... This weekend has been no match to last weekend (in Holland) at all. I hate boring weekends. A good catch up and some advice from Jess will do me some good though. She never fails to talk sense into me!

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07 June 2012

Wild eyed, you’re still flying

Dress: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

This is fast becoming one of my new favourite dresses. It only cost £10, and it's incredibly comfortable and light to wear. The length is just right on me and the belt that comes with it is a lovely little addition to it, contrasting with the navy blue. The amount of material is also just right, so it's floaty but not too much so I can avoid any disastrous flashing moments.

I've been all over the place over the last week - my social life has gone through the roof, alongside being in Holland during the weekend visiting my family. I'll do a proper blog post on my trip very soon. I'm starting to miss blogging a lot, so I'm going to make more of an effort to get back into it, and get my beauty reviews on the go too. It's difficult when you're working full time, although I'm not using that as an excuse as plenty of bloggers do too... I just need to find the right balance once I've settled :)

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02 June 2012

Photoblog: May 2012

1. Packing my life up in Bristol. | 2. Struggling for my train journey. | 3. My new car, Little Minz. | 4. Good luck morning cup of tea. | 5. Homemade butternut squash soup. | 6. Monthly reading. | 7. Found my beanie babies collection. | 8. Found my clarinet from year 5... | 9. Found my Grandad's old binoculars. | 10. Hula hoop workout. | 11. Starting the Special K diet. | 12. Ripped my favourite tights. | 13. Much-needed Ben and Jerrys ice cream. | 14. Xander cat stopping me from working. | 15. Sunny day with my niece Lotte. | 16. Tattoo pain. | 17. My new tattoo! | 18. Sunbathing in the garden. | 19. Apparently I got engaged on Saturday night. Hashtagged. | 20. Olympic torch going past Aldi. | 21. Happy 1st birthday niece Emily!

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