10 June 2012

Like a fruit machine

Vest: Reiss (freebie with Elle Magazine)
Bandeau top: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Toms

These Primark jeans were screaming out at me when I first spotted them. I'm not even sure why - the print isn't fantastic. I'm not a fan of tigers. They fit like a dream though, and are slightly ankle grazing (although that could just be due to my height). I do like the idea of patterned jeans, and I think these will grow on me in time.

As for the Reiss vest, did any of you get the freebie in the recent ELLE magazine? I know they can't really do it by size, but surely they'd know not to make it so you would flash everything to the world if you didn't wear a top underneath? I don't really like layering vests, but I definitely need to for this. It'll come in handy one day though, I'm sure.

Currently going through a bit of a blogging 'can't-really-be-bothered' frame of mind at the moment. I'm now sat down at my desk, determined to get a few blog posts done so I don't have to worry about blogging during the week, and hopefully will help me miss my blog and get back into it next week! Whether that'll work, I don't know. I love blogging, but I think I've just gone a bit lazy with it.

Off to see my best friend for lunch today... This weekend has been no match to last weekend (in Holland) at all. I hate boring weekends. A good catch up and some advice from Jess will do me some good though. She never fails to talk sense into me!


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Big Fashionista said...

You look gorge.

If I saw those jeans on a hanger I would run screaming but they suit you. You look fab. X x

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