18 June 2012

You stole my star

Tshirt: Topshop
Shorts: Primark
Leggings: Topshop
Wedge trainers: Topshop

I feel like I've cheated on Motel with these shorts... but for just £10, I couldn't exactly say no. They will be perfect when (or more likely 'if') we get some summer weather again, or dressed up for a night out. I had to wear leggings with them, else my legs would have been epically cold. I'd prefer not to wear leggings, but you know when you buy something new and you just have to wear them the next day? That's how I felt. I dug out this old t-shirt as well... I quite liked the print clash against each other, and I think I'll experiment a bit more with what I could wear with these shorts. As for the shoes, I'm literally in love with them. So much so, I'll showcase them properly later this week.

I'm glad the weekend is over and done with now. It's easy to say that it was one of the worst of the 2012 so far. But anyway, I'm going to be very busy with work and the gym this week... I want to be so busy that I don't have any spare time to think about anything. This month has been a weird one. Bring on July.

Also, I'm considering either another tattoo or microdermals... Where else could I get a tattoo (I already have one on my left hip and my right arm)? Or have you had microdermals? I need some advice so I can weigh up which I would prefer to get. I know Lily has had microdermals, but I'm interested to find out what other people think, if you've had them on your chest, arm, wherever... :)



margerine said...

While I am biased against tattoos (I have a large one on my right lower back/hip and an even larger one on my left thigh) and don't like piercings, I think if you are torn between the two it is best to get microdermals as they are less permanant - I hope that doesn't sound patronising at all because obviously you've committed to tattoos before but I think unless you are dead certain then don't go for it. Then again I'm part of the belief that tattoos aren't something you get on a whim (my thigh one was 3 years of planning and weighing up) which I know a lot of people do so maybe I'm not the best to get advice from!

Dani Johanna Millward said...

No I appreciate the advice :) it's not going to be a quick decision on either account, just wanting to see what other people thought/their views etc.. especially with the microdermals as I personally don't know anyone who's had them before. They're intriguing. It's always best to plan a tattoo - need to be 100% sure before you get one, so I definitely won't be rushing into a decision :) x

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