31 July 2012

GOSH Natural Touch Cream Blusher in 005 Lusty Pink

Yet another cream blusher to add to my (quite small) collection. I still worry about cream blushers in case they dry my skin out. The thought of rubbing the blusher onto my face using my fingers makes me wonder if I'm just going to make my skin more rough or whether I will even apply it correctly. When I received GOSH's cream blusher in Lusty Pink, I had my fingers firmly crossed.

My first initial thought that this blusher would be a vibrant pink, perfect for a nighttime look. However, it was slightly more subtle when applied at first. The more product you apply, the more vibrant the look. To be honest, this is much better as you can also use this during the daytime without it looking too bright and extreme - it just stays as a soft pink.

One thing I don't like about this product is how it's quite dry. The cream texture isn't very light, so you can only just get it on your fingers to apply. I'd probably describe it more as a balm than a cream. I find that I have to use quite a bit of pressure to apply it on my cheeks, which isn't great for my skin. In fact, it makes my cheeks a bit red from the pressure! I may start using a make-up brush to apply it next time, as it might make a difference.

It's a bit pricey at around £7.50 from Superdrug (I'd link but it's not on the website at the moment!) and I'm not sure I would repurchase when it runs out. However, because you don't use a great deal of product at a time, I think it'll last a very long time until I need to think about buying a new blusher... A positive thing, I guess!

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30 July 2012

I call that jungle fever

Vest: Primark | Jeans: Motel Rocks | Necklace: Topshop

Well, I ended up buying the Candy Pink version of the Motel Jordan jeans... I just couldn't resist! The pale pink and white stripes are so cute and perfect for the summer (especially days like this when it's gone colder again). They only cost me around £22 from the ASOS sale, so you can understand why I was drawn even more into buying them. They look tighter than they actually are.. In fact, they were a tiny bit looser than my black and white pair. Not complaining though as they're more comfortable in that sense! I'm going to try and experiment with these jeans in terms of what tops I can wear with them. I sense a bit of pattern clashing going on at some point.

The working week has begun again... I feel like I didn't get chance to chill out during the weekend at all, so I'm feeling a bit run down today. Tonight calls for an early night and rubbish TV! Zzzzzzz.

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29 July 2012

We'll be coming back for you one day

Cropped top: Topshop | Shorts: Primark | Heels: Office | Bracelets: Primark | Lego ring: Handmade

I had to embrace the summertime with my latest outfit. Most of the time, I tend to wear dark colours when I go out on a Saturday night, but I couldn't resist getting my summer wardrobe out and wearing as much colour as possible. The Primark shorts are amazing - they're very slimming due to the high waist, and not too short so I can keep my dignity without the need for wearing tights. The electric blue colour is so striking as well - I adore the brightness of it. The cropped top is slightly different to what you usually find... Slightly sheer, an array of pastel colours, featuring a 'mystical' looking horse. It's quite a cute top, and one I'd probably wear during the daytime too (with a layer underneath though).

Last night was really good (although Kidderminster is still very odd...) and it was lovely catching up with my closest friends. It's probably a good thing I came home early(ish) last night and with a sober(ish) head. My journalistic skills need to be epic today as I planned to get all my blogging and writing jobs finished this morning. I'm very tired though so I'm starting to regret that decision...

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28 July 2012

Spread your wings, my little butterfly

Dress: Topshop | Belt: Primark | Cameo ring: Handmade | Stone ring: JWLRY

I haven't worn this floral Topshop dress in ages... Possibly a year in fact (unless I've forgotten, which is also possible). No idea why, as it's potentially the best fitting dress I own. The length is perfect on me so I don't have to worry about wearing leggings or tights with it. Definitely a great thing whilst the sun is out! It's a very comfortable skater dress, and I love the pattern on it - the colours are great for the summer. It's possibly the only Topshop dress that hasn't shrunk or anything, which is pretty unbelievable, especially since it's quite a stretchy dress (I was expecting it to be really short by now)! It's also the only dress that I'd happily wear either during the daytime or on a night out. Usually I like to keep certain clothing separate for occasions, but this is an exception.

I'm so happy it's the weekend right now - I've already been so busy and it's continuing that way. It's nice actually having constant plans for once! I've been celebrating my nephew's birthday this afternoon (the one who's 6 months older than me. Odd?) and tonight I'll be having a massive catch up with my girls over food, cocktails and dancing. Very excited!

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26 July 2012

That's just how we do

Dress: River Island
Belt: Primark

Excuse the mess of my hair. Needless to say, I couldn't really be bothered with fixing it up through the day! Anyway... This dress is a nice new addition to the wardrobe, which cost me £20 (I think) from the River Island sale. I love the metallic blue/silver stripes on it, and it's a pretty decent length so I can just about get away with wearing it with no tights or leggings. Only just though. I can't get enough of the shirt/dress style that's going on at the moment. I adore shirts and I miss wearing dresses all the time, so it's like having the best of both for me.

By the sounds of things, our summer is nearly over (good one England) but I've tried to make the most of the sunshine as much as I could! Being stuck in the office all day every day is a bit tormenting though, especially since I'm sat next to a huge window. I've had such a busy week anyway, which is why I've been a bit off with my blogging - soz guyz. My social life has picked up for the week, and with various birthdays, catch ups and family stuff going on, I've had no spare time to just sit down and write about... Well, everything. The rest of the week isn't much better (that's a lie as I like being busy... It's just not better in terms of the blog) but I'm hoping to find some time to just chill out! I do have a vlog coming up featuring my best friend Jess though, so look out for that during the weekend/Monday :)

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24 July 2012

I heart: Drop Dead Clothing

Heard of Drop Dead Clothing before? If not, how have you managed to go about your shopping routine without this beauty of a brand in your life? First introduced to me by my ex-boyfriend (who bought me my first Drop Dead t-shirt, which I still love to this day but don't wear it often enough), Drop Dead is a Steel city (that's Sheffield by the way) born company and sells various clothing and accessories that you really wouldn't find in any other stores.

The 'Kitty Brainz' logo is still a firm favourite for the brand, and although my parents find the design a bit odd, I adore it. However, the new collection is amazing and has a variety of different prints to feast your eyes on! The range may be a bit pricey, but the quality definitely makes up for it. These are on my wishlist (although I did end up buying the iPhone cover the other day) and I will work my damned hardest to get a few of these in my life soon.


Boom Bag - £60 | Kitty Ear iPhone Case - £15 | Kitty Plush Pillow - £30 | Tropicana Earrings - £20

Swanky Catz - £30 | Elegant - £30 | Hades - £30

Catsberry Ripple - £25 | Cat Stare Leggings - £25 | Space Donuts - £30

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23 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance - Liquid Lip & Cream Eyeshadow

Liquid Lip in Passionate - £14.50* | Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated - £14.50*

I've always been a fan of Lush, but always a bit too scared to try products because of my skin type. I think it's the mixture of smells of the store in general that puts me off buying anything really... But there's no doubt against the quality of the products on offer. As soon as I heard about its new Emotional Brilliance make-up range, I knew this was a similar case, but one that was more than willing to try out.

The range itself is designed around yourself rather than trends of the season. If you go to a store or online, you can spin the Emotional Brilliance wheel and choose three colours that stand out to you straight away. The first colour represents your strength or weakness. The second is your subconscious mind. The third is your talent. Each shade has been named a significant word that could be represented by either of the three choices. The concept is to match your psychological needs by wearing the cosmetic shade you chose. Get it?

I really love the idea behind this concept. Whenever I wear make-up, I think of the shades that match my mood at the time. However, this goes one step further and brings out the needs that you don't necessarily show. I like the fact that you realise what you need to achieve that day or how you feel just by what you think is a random choice of colour you've chosen. However, whether this will catch on is a different matter... You can't do it every day unless you own the whole range after all!

As for the products themselves, there's a range of Liquid Lip, Cream Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeliner, with 30 colours to choose from altogether. They are all presented in clear glass bottles, kind of 'science/lab' like, and you can check out the shades easily. It's also great to see how much of the product you've got left to use.

As for the products themselves, I was lucky enough to try out the Liquid Lipstick in Passionate and the Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated.

Lush's how to apply: Follow the outline of your lip with the tip of the sponge, then fill in. You can use your lip colour as a cream blusher. For a more subtle colour, use less or mix with a Lush Lip Balm.

The colour of Passionate, a vibrant pink with blue tones, really didn't disappoint. The pigmentation is amazing, whilst it's quite moisturising on your lips. What I would say, however, is to make sure your lips are moisturised beforehand just to be sure. The doe foot applicator also makes it very easy to apply.

The colour may be a bit too strong for a daytime look (well, saying that, I wore it all day when this first arrived!) but you can tone it down with a lip balm. It also lasts a very long time, even when you've eaten or drank something through the day. I did have to reapply later in the day but overall the colour stayed on great.

Lush's how to apply: There are 3 areas of your eye. The eyelid, the socket or crease and the brow bone. For the eyelid, dot in the centre and blend. For the socket or crease, dot in the outer corner of the eye near the crease and blend across. For the brow bone, dot just underneath the brow and blend.

I'm not a great fan of cream eyeshadows, as they always end up as a mess, or smudged across my face somehow. I'm very impressed with Lush's cream eyeshadows though. Sophisticated is a gorgeous yet subtle shimmer of metallic brown/nude/cream tones - great for both day or night time looks. You could experiment with this shade, either making it a base for a strong smoky eye look, or just simply on its own.

The eyeshadow also has a strong pigmentation and looks great when applied. If you blend it on your eyelid, it does soften, so if you want a more dramatic look I'd try and avoid blending (or just apply more).

Both the liquid lips and the cream eyeshadows cost £14.50 - a very high price tag in my opinion for Lush. However, I am really impressed with both products and would consider buying other shades from the range. I'd definitely recommend the liquid lipsticks though as a first point of call if you're thinking of purchasing anything from the Emotional Brilliance collection (which is available to buy now, by the way)!

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22 July 2012

I'm high now, I'm flying

Top: Topshop | Shorts: Primark | Wedges: Primark | Ring: Handmade | Necklace: Babi-Online

The sunshine was out in force today, so that only meant one thing for me... SHORTS! Shorts with no leggings or tights for that matter. My stripy pale blue and white high waisted shorts were finally out of the wardrobe for the decent weather, and I still love them just as much as when I bought them. The colours are perfect for the season, and I love the idea of clashing prints, which I decided to do today. I've had this top for a few years now but I can't bring myself to getting rid of it anytime soon. It's not your standard vest style, and the animal print (of actual animals, not leopard spots or anything like that obviously) is different to what you tend to see. I teamed it with my white shoe tie-up wedges that I bought last year (I think) but never got round to wearing them. I think it's because they make me incredibly tall, but they're very easy to walk in and comfortable to wear, so I may have to dig them out now and again... Especially since I have a pair in dark blue as well.

Is it me or has this weekend gone stupidly fast? I haven't done a great deal this weekend... Went shopping on my lonesome Saturday morning (sometimes it's nice to go on your own, don't you agree?) followed by visiting my sister and nephews in the afternoon. Today has been a full on blogging day, but I still don't have a great deal sorted. I've ran out of time and now having to sort myself out for the working week. Where's Bernard's watch when you need it?!

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21 July 2012

Set the cheetahs on the loose

Shirt: Primark
Shorts: Zara
Leggings: Topshop
Bracelets: Primark
Ring: Handmade

I didn't realise this shirt complimented my hair that much until a few people told me it matched my hair colour. I actually really like the effect it made... and I think the shirt itself is gorgeous. It's just so different and 'out there'. The three print contrast, along with the dip dye effect from yellow to pink, work really well altogether in my opinion. I also like the loose fit, but it's still flattering as it's slightly sheer. If it was of thicker material, I probably wouldn't like it as much. It's very floaty, and will be perfect to add a splash of colour to an outfit, yet could easily wear it for work as it's quite smart. I have a feeling Primark will be releasing a long-sleeved version of this, so I'm very tempted to get that too for winter!

Having a bit of a chilled weekend... For a change. I was hoping to go to Sheffield this weekend for Tramlines festival, but I was stuck on a place to stay. I'm gutted as I really wanted to go this year - you'd think after 4 years of living in the city, I would have attended one, but nooo! Next year, I'm so there.

It's also lovely seeing the weather getting better though, although I'm hoping tomorrow picks up even more so I can make the most of it before the working week begins again! BBQ, anyone?

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19 July 2012

Groupon - Beurer EM35 Abdominal Toning Belt

There's been a lot of bad press concerning Groupon lately. Whether it's bad customer service, a delay in product delivery, or just poor product quality in general (which isn't technically Groupon's fault, even if it shouldn't really promote that product if it's awful), Groupon has had a bit of a rough time! However, the company will always hold a soft spot in my heart, due to the fact I used to write for its City Blog. When Joanna from Groupon contacted me to 'experience' Groupon, I wanted to give it another shot... Not on the writing side but for its deals.

How long will the product arrive? Will the product even be decent? I decided to get a Beurer EM35 toning belt* from Groupon back in May. The deal was pretty good at the time - it retails at £60 but Groupon let you buy it for £29, saving you 52%. I've been intrigued about toning belts so I thought this was a good opportunity to try one out.

After receiving the voucher code, it was very simple and quick to order the belt. I had no issues using the code, but I did have to pay for delivery... I guess that's not Groupon's fault, but I wish I researched into that beforehand! Groupon's customer service team were very helpful as well, which is a big deal as that's something else that's had a bit of a bad reputation lately. Joanna was lovely, asking that I had received the product okay etc, which was nice. Of course, it'll be impossible for Groupon to check on every single customer, but if they can reply as quick as they did for me when people have an issue or question, then negative views will start to disappear.

The delivery time was quicker than I expected. The amount of times I've heard people having to wait a few weeks for their items to be delivered is unbelievable, but I don't think it even took a week for mine to arrive on my doorstep. Very impressed.

As for the product itself, it's exactly what it says on the box. It's a toning belt. You wear it on your waist, where it stimulates your muscles with various intensity levels and programmes to choose from. I'm rubbish for doing sit ups so I was hoping this would be a good alternative... A cheater's way to a toned stomach, if I'm honest, although you obviously need to exercise still. It would be amazing if you could wear this whilst sat down on a sofa and that's it, but it's not a miracle product so unfortunately that's not possible!

I've only used it a few times, but I can already tell a bit of a difference... Not so much in appearance, but I can feel my stomach getting a little bit more toned. It's incredibly easy to use, and not as sticky as Slendertone belts because there's no gel pads to use. I try and do some kind of workout whilst I'm wearing it - usually a DVD, as the only bit of exercise equipment I've got at home is a hula hoop (and I can't use that at the same time)!

I'm going to start using the belt more often to see if it keeps making a difference. Whether it's worth the original £60, I have no idea, but I can't complain so far. As for Groupon, I hope it picks itself up more from the bad press. I recently bought a spa deal from there too, which I'll be sure to blog about when I organise the visit in August. Fingers crossed all will go smoothly like this time.

What do you think about Groupon? Is the company getting better, or have you had a problem recently?

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