18 July 2012

GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker in Berry

Lip stains scare me. Sometimes I don't want colour to stay on my lips, especially when it's so strong. GOSH's long lasting lip markers(*) did intrigue me when I received them from Superdrug's Z-PR, but I doubt I would have bought them myself (or any other brand, for that matter). However, for £6.99, the price isn't all that bad, and probably would be good for a night time look.

GOSH obviously lived up to it's 'marker' name, as it's like a felt tip marker pen. It was very odd, but surprisingly easy to apply. Saying that, I was concentrating a lot due to the fact I didn't want to get it on my skin if it marks! The tip does make it easier though, as it's sturdy so you can apply it exactly where you want to on your lips. It also lives up to it's name due to its staying power. It lasts for hours and hours! It actually got to the point where I had to use make-up remover to take off the lip marker... But even then, my lips had a slight tinge of berry red on them that I couldn't get rid of!

The colour is a very dark yet vibrant pink. Definitely great to brighten up an outfit and I think would go with any skin tone. One negative I'd say about this is how it dried my lips out slightly and made the dryness stand out more than I'd like.

These usually retail for £6.99, but Superdrug does have an offer going at the moment (I'm not sure how long for) where you can buy it for £4.99! If you like to have bright lips with potentially too much staying power, then I would recommend GOSH's range. You can also get them in Red, Pink and Chocolate.



Zoe said...

I have this one too and really love it. Compared to other lip markers/stains ive tried i didnt find it as drying. I really want to try the pink one they do x

Ani. said...

Ah, I never seem to be able to pick up the right colour with lip stains - the come out much darker, don't they? This one's a lovely colour!

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