19 July 2012

Groupon - Beurer EM35 Abdominal Toning Belt

There's been a lot of bad press concerning Groupon lately. Whether it's bad customer service, a delay in product delivery, or just poor product quality in general (which isn't technically Groupon's fault, even if it shouldn't really promote that product if it's awful), Groupon has had a bit of a rough time! However, the company will always hold a soft spot in my heart, due to the fact I used to write for its City Blog. When Joanna from Groupon contacted me to 'experience' Groupon, I wanted to give it another shot... Not on the writing side but for its deals.

How long will the product arrive? Will the product even be decent? I decided to get a Beurer EM35 toning belt* from Groupon back in May. The deal was pretty good at the time - it retails at £60 but Groupon let you buy it for £29, saving you 52%. I've been intrigued about toning belts so I thought this was a good opportunity to try one out.

After receiving the voucher code, it was very simple and quick to order the belt. I had no issues using the code, but I did have to pay for delivery... I guess that's not Groupon's fault, but I wish I researched into that beforehand! Groupon's customer service team were very helpful as well, which is a big deal as that's something else that's had a bit of a bad reputation lately. Joanna was lovely, asking that I had received the product okay etc, which was nice. Of course, it'll be impossible for Groupon to check on every single customer, but if they can reply as quick as they did for me when people have an issue or question, then negative views will start to disappear.

The delivery time was quicker than I expected. The amount of times I've heard people having to wait a few weeks for their items to be delivered is unbelievable, but I don't think it even took a week for mine to arrive on my doorstep. Very impressed.

As for the product itself, it's exactly what it says on the box. It's a toning belt. You wear it on your waist, where it stimulates your muscles with various intensity levels and programmes to choose from. I'm rubbish for doing sit ups so I was hoping this would be a good alternative... A cheater's way to a toned stomach, if I'm honest, although you obviously need to exercise still. It would be amazing if you could wear this whilst sat down on a sofa and that's it, but it's not a miracle product so unfortunately that's not possible!

I've only used it a few times, but I can already tell a bit of a difference... Not so much in appearance, but I can feel my stomach getting a little bit more toned. It's incredibly easy to use, and not as sticky as Slendertone belts because there's no gel pads to use. I try and do some kind of workout whilst I'm wearing it - usually a DVD, as the only bit of exercise equipment I've got at home is a hula hoop (and I can't use that at the same time)!

I'm going to start using the belt more often to see if it keeps making a difference. Whether it's worth the original £60, I have no idea, but I can't complain so far. As for Groupon, I hope it picks itself up more from the bad press. I recently bought a spa deal from there too, which I'll be sure to blog about when I organise the visit in August. Fingers crossed all will go smoothly like this time.

What do you think about Groupon? Is the company getting better, or have you had a problem recently?



Anonymous said...

I've never bought from Groupon myself but I've heard the reviews in equal balance of good and bad, so I wouldn't necessarily be put off. As for the toning belt, it's a shame it's not a quick fix ;) but nothing is! I don't think I'd shell out the full £60 for it but if it popped up on Groupon again I might be tempted! xx

Gem said...

I've used them for haircuts and you can get some great deals. You just need to read the fine prints carefully!

sandraaa_xo said...

I recently had an encounter with Groupon and I have to say I was really impressed by how quickly they replied, how nice they were and how they dealt with my situation. I used them once or twice last year, but only recently (like 2 weeks ago) purchased something again. The problem they solved for me was do with a voucher I bought a year ago and they were lovely about it. I have to say, I did find it a surprise considering the bad press they got last year. I was prepared to battle with them to give me some sort of compensation, but they offered to me and everything went smoothly.
I like the idea of a toning belt, but I'm not sure I could purchase it as I would rather excercise to get it, haha. But you got it for a really good price, which counts a lot!


Wanida Pannin said...

I bought a week staying at Pelagia Bay hotel in Greece, Greek Island.
No delay in delivering the voucher after purchasing.

The transfer from the airport didn't show up. Therefore I called him, and he showed up 20 min. later (this has nothing to do with Groupon). As soon you had bought he voucher, you'd be responsible for your own booking at the hotel was- to contact them. And the hotel was very friendly, we emailed almost everyday up to our trip, just to be certain, about everything.
The transfer person, wrote and email few days before our arrival at the airport to confirm our deal, but then again he didn't show up before I called him. Apparently there had been a miscommunication between him and the hotel... What?! He wrote to me HIMSELF, to confirm the transfer.

Though..the worst part was, that the city was far off everything. The hotel was somewhere in the middle Heraklion, although we went their by very low season. Good hotel, beautiful - but they need some new beds they are too hard and squeaks!

But then again, back to Groupon, they answered every question quick and professional through mail. Most important, read everything about the deal. Read it twice or more to be certain.

It is not the last time I am shopping with Groupon. Great offers, and you get a warranty.

I'd be pleased is you would write a new review on the toning belt. I just received the same offer.

Best regards from Denmark,
Wanida (No, my name isn't danish, I'm from Thailand) ;-)

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