24 July 2012

I heart: Drop Dead Clothing

Heard of Drop Dead Clothing before? If not, how have you managed to go about your shopping routine without this beauty of a brand in your life? First introduced to me by my ex-boyfriend (who bought me my first Drop Dead t-shirt, which I still love to this day but don't wear it often enough), Drop Dead is a Steel city (that's Sheffield by the way) born company and sells various clothing and accessories that you really wouldn't find in any other stores.

The 'Kitty Brainz' logo is still a firm favourite for the brand, and although my parents find the design a bit odd, I adore it. However, the new collection is amazing and has a variety of different prints to feast your eyes on! The range may be a bit pricey, but the quality definitely makes up for it. These are on my wishlist (although I did end up buying the iPhone cover the other day) and I will work my damned hardest to get a few of these in my life soon.


Boom Bag - £60 | Kitty Ear iPhone Case - £15 | Kitty Plush Pillow - £30 | Tropicana Earrings - £20

Swanky Catz - £30 | Elegant - £30 | Hades - £30

Catsberry Ripple - £25 | Cat Stare Leggings - £25 | Space Donuts - £30



Zoe said...

The leggings are too cool, i love them! x

daisychain said...

I love you SO much for posting this. CATS!

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