10 July 2012

Leighton Denny in Coral Reef & Supermodel

Leighton Denny in Supermodel and Leighton Denny in Coral Reef

I'm sure I'm one of the last to blog about Harper's Bazaar's amazing freebies this month... Three different Leighton Denny shades! With the magazine costing £4.20, and the freebies being very generous sizes (the standard size of a LD polish, actually!), I just had to get my hands on one... or two. Actually, tell a lie, my mother bought them for me as I didn't have a clue. She's a got a good eye for freebies!

Definitely living up to its name, this polish is a stunning coral pink/red shade, with the slightest hint of silver shimmer (although my photo doesn't pick this up at all). The colour is really strong after just one coat, but obviously applying two makes even more of a difference. Depending on the light, it'll look either more red or more pink... I guess this is why my photo shows more red! I love this colour and it's just perfect for the summer.

Supermodel is a pleasantly surprising taupe/neutral shade that I adore. It's very simplistic, classic and just a generally gorgeous polish! Like the Coral Reef polish (and any other Leighton Denny I've tried before), it lasts a long time without chipping and doesn't need coat after coat after coat to achieve a really strong colour. It's a great choice for any occasion, especially for work. Nude polishes seem to be really popular at the moment, and I'd highly recommend to add this to your collection.

However, I've heard a bit of negativity about both of these polishes, concerning the formula/consistency... People have said it's gloopy, hard to apply etc. I didn't find any issue with this for either polish. Maybe it was a certain batch, I don't know, but I can easily say that Leighton Denny hasn't disappointed me and £4.20 each isn't a bad price at all in my opinion. I'm not one to spend more than £10 on one nail polish (and I believe Leighton Denny usually costs £11) so I was more than happy to spend £8.40 in total. Would I repurchase at the high price of £11? I'm not too sure yet... but I think that's just me being cheap.


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