23 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance - Liquid Lip & Cream Eyeshadow

Liquid Lip in Passionate - £14.50* | Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated - £14.50*

I've always been a fan of Lush, but always a bit too scared to try products because of my skin type. I think it's the mixture of smells of the store in general that puts me off buying anything really... But there's no doubt against the quality of the products on offer. As soon as I heard about its new Emotional Brilliance make-up range, I knew this was a similar case, but one that was more than willing to try out.

The range itself is designed around yourself rather than trends of the season. If you go to a store or online, you can spin the Emotional Brilliance wheel and choose three colours that stand out to you straight away. The first colour represents your strength or weakness. The second is your subconscious mind. The third is your talent. Each shade has been named a significant word that could be represented by either of the three choices. The concept is to match your psychological needs by wearing the cosmetic shade you chose. Get it?

I really love the idea behind this concept. Whenever I wear make-up, I think of the shades that match my mood at the time. However, this goes one step further and brings out the needs that you don't necessarily show. I like the fact that you realise what you need to achieve that day or how you feel just by what you think is a random choice of colour you've chosen. However, whether this will catch on is a different matter... You can't do it every day unless you own the whole range after all!

As for the products themselves, there's a range of Liquid Lip, Cream Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeliner, with 30 colours to choose from altogether. They are all presented in clear glass bottles, kind of 'science/lab' like, and you can check out the shades easily. It's also great to see how much of the product you've got left to use.

As for the products themselves, I was lucky enough to try out the Liquid Lipstick in Passionate and the Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated.

Lush's how to apply: Follow the outline of your lip with the tip of the sponge, then fill in. You can use your lip colour as a cream blusher. For a more subtle colour, use less or mix with a Lush Lip Balm.

The colour of Passionate, a vibrant pink with blue tones, really didn't disappoint. The pigmentation is amazing, whilst it's quite moisturising on your lips. What I would say, however, is to make sure your lips are moisturised beforehand just to be sure. The doe foot applicator also makes it very easy to apply.

The colour may be a bit too strong for a daytime look (well, saying that, I wore it all day when this first arrived!) but you can tone it down with a lip balm. It also lasts a very long time, even when you've eaten or drank something through the day. I did have to reapply later in the day but overall the colour stayed on great.

Lush's how to apply: There are 3 areas of your eye. The eyelid, the socket or crease and the brow bone. For the eyelid, dot in the centre and blend. For the socket or crease, dot in the outer corner of the eye near the crease and blend across. For the brow bone, dot just underneath the brow and blend.

I'm not a great fan of cream eyeshadows, as they always end up as a mess, or smudged across my face somehow. I'm very impressed with Lush's cream eyeshadows though. Sophisticated is a gorgeous yet subtle shimmer of metallic brown/nude/cream tones - great for both day or night time looks. You could experiment with this shade, either making it a base for a strong smoky eye look, or just simply on its own.

The eyeshadow also has a strong pigmentation and looks great when applied. If you blend it on your eyelid, it does soften, so if you want a more dramatic look I'd try and avoid blending (or just apply more).

Both the liquid lips and the cream eyeshadows cost £14.50 - a very high price tag in my opinion for Lush. However, I am really impressed with both products and would consider buying other shades from the range. I'd definitely recommend the liquid lipsticks though as a first point of call if you're thinking of purchasing anything from the Emotional Brilliance collection (which is available to buy now, by the way)!



xXxStundonxXx said...

I love the look of these products, especially the lipsticks, but I would definitely be put off by the price tag x

Anonymous said...

I love these. The colours are amazing and they last for a long time so the high price tag is worth it in the end. You can use any of the products on any area of the face too so mix it up and have fun.

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