16 July 2012

MAC Miss Piggy Pink Eye Shadow

When MAC announced it was releasing a Miss Piggy dedicated collection, it was obvious I was going to get my hands on something. I guess you could say I'm pretty late on the blogging side about this, as the collection isn't available anymore... But when I like (or dislike) a product, I want to shout out about it! I decided to go for the eyeshadow, purely because of the colour. I wasn't too bothered about the eyeliner or the false eyelashes, so this was top of my list to add to my Muppets obsession.

The shade is a lovely blue-y pink tone, which picks up the slightest hint of blue/lilac in the sunshine. However, I did find myself piling on around 5 applications of the eyeshadow in order to achieve a vibrant look. I didn't expect to have to keep reapplying to be honest, I thought the pigmentation would be pretty decent. Instead, I was slightly disappointed, but once you've got the vibrancy, it's a beautiful shade.

The colour did last majority of the day (well, it should do after a few layers!) so there was no need for reapplication. It'll be good for a daytime look if you just want a subtle colour splash on your lids, and even better for a strong night-time look if you've got an extra few minutes to apply enough. It's quite a lot of effort though, especially for the price (considering standard MAC eyeshadow is £12, this one doesn't seem worth that amount).

I guess I could say I don't regret spending money on this eyeshadow, and I will use it... But that's only because of my obsession with The Muppets. If I didn't love it so much, I wouldn't have bothered to buy this and waste my money.


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Anonymous said...

I wouldnt blame the lack of pigmentation on the product, it's a Frost finish eyeshadow which isn't meant to be a pigmented product, it's meant to provide a 'frost' of colour.

Try wearing a NYX jumbo pencil underneath it in a colour such as Strawberry Milk to give it something to stick to, theyre a couple of pounds on eBay! X

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