05 July 2012

Pick it out of the clouds

All Primark

This is a new addition to the wardrobe - I seriously can't get enough of sheer shirts/blouses. This navy blue number is great for both work and casual wear. I love the crochet detailing on the back - not too much on show so you can still look smart, although my long hair covers it so you can't even notice it at the moment! The grey jersey skirt is something that seems to go with everything... but it's starting to do my head in a little bit. The waistband makes my waist look small (great!) but the pleats make my hips look huge (not so great!) It's a bit of a weird shape, but I guess Primark is hit and miss when it comes to that. It's still mega comfortable though and one I'll keep wearing until it all falls apart (although hopefully I won't actually be wearing it at the time it falls apart...)

As you can see from the 4th photo, I finally have a tripod for my (nearly broken) camera! I've been telling myself for months that I needed to buy one, but never got round to it or had any money. It's not very expensive, as I don't plan on using for any spectacular photography outdoors etc so I'm sure it'll do the job nicely. I can already see a nice difference to my photos since I've started using it, so money well spent I think!

I'm planning a bit of a drastic change. Again. I'm pretty excited. I can't get enough of these 'changes' at the moment... I guess I'm still trying to find myself again, if that makes sense. All will be revealed soon (:


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Zoe said...

I love this outfit! goes together perfectly. I almost bought that skirt a while ago and never did and ever since ive regretted it! x

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