26 July 2012

That's just how we do

Dress: River Island
Belt: Primark

Excuse the mess of my hair. Needless to say, I couldn't really be bothered with fixing it up through the day! Anyway... This dress is a nice new addition to the wardrobe, which cost me £20 (I think) from the River Island sale. I love the metallic blue/silver stripes on it, and it's a pretty decent length so I can just about get away with wearing it with no tights or leggings. Only just though. I can't get enough of the shirt/dress style that's going on at the moment. I adore shirts and I miss wearing dresses all the time, so it's like having the best of both for me.

By the sounds of things, our summer is nearly over (good one England) but I've tried to make the most of the sunshine as much as I could! Being stuck in the office all day every day is a bit tormenting though, especially since I'm sat next to a huge window. I've had such a busy week anyway, which is why I've been a bit off with my blogging - soz guyz. My social life has picked up for the week, and with various birthdays, catch ups and family stuff going on, I've had no spare time to just sit down and write about... Well, everything. The rest of the week isn't much better (that's a lie as I like being busy... It's just not better in terms of the blog) but I'm hoping to find some time to just chill out! I do have a vlog coming up featuring my best friend Jess though, so look out for that during the weekend/Monday :)



Sarah Betty Andrews said...

That dress is amazzzzing. Perfect for the weather!

The summer seems to be lingering a little bit.

Sarah Betty xx

gabriella gleeson said...

beautiful!! xx

Rea DeChambre said...

love your blog! have a look at mine (:

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