29 July 2012

We'll be coming back for you one day

Cropped top: Topshop | Shorts: Primark | Heels: Office | Bracelets: Primark | Lego ring: Handmade

I had to embrace the summertime with my latest outfit. Most of the time, I tend to wear dark colours when I go out on a Saturday night, but I couldn't resist getting my summer wardrobe out and wearing as much colour as possible. The Primark shorts are amazing - they're very slimming due to the high waist, and not too short so I can keep my dignity without the need for wearing tights. The electric blue colour is so striking as well - I adore the brightness of it. The cropped top is slightly different to what you usually find... Slightly sheer, an array of pastel colours, featuring a 'mystical' looking horse. It's quite a cute top, and one I'd probably wear during the daytime too (with a layer underneath though).

Last night was really good (although Kidderminster is still very odd...) and it was lovely catching up with my closest friends. It's probably a good thing I came home early(ish) last night and with a sober(ish) head. My journalistic skills need to be epic today as I planned to get all my blogging and writing jobs finished this morning. I'm very tired though so I'm starting to regret that decision...


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