13 August 2012

And I fell heavy into your arms

hi clothes tag inside my skirt
Crop top: H&M | Vest underneath: Topshop | Skirt: Primark | Rings: Handmade

Chose to match up my favourite Primark nautical swallow skirt with a crop top that I have yet to wear. It's quite see through, so a vest was necessary to wear during the day. I love the black lace peter pan collar, and it has buttons all down the back (which I forgot to take photos of... Oops). I'd love some more tops in this style... So versatile for any time of day or occasion.

I've had a really lovely weekend this time round. Ended up going to a place called Bridgnorth for lunch on Saturday, followed by being all nice and chilled, enjoying the sunshine and watching the Olympics... I haven't done much today other than wait for the Closing Ceremony if I'm being honest! It's so strange that the Olympics has finished already... and last night's ceremony was just as amazing as the Opening Ceremony in my opinion. From a fashion blogger point of view, I loved the 'fashion' inclusion with Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl and Naomi Campbell. For everything else, The Spice Girls were insane... Boris dancing to them was the best TV moment EVER. But I think the commentary could have been made so much better if my parents did it...

Dad on girl power
Mum: "I'd rather listen to George Michael than the Spice Girls." Dad: "I wouldn't."
On George Michael's weird new song
Mum: "This is a long song... I might go pour myself another glass of wine." Dad: "I might go cook a chicken."
On Fat Boy Slim
Dad: "Is that him? I thought he was black?" Mum: "Don't be saft. His name's Norman."
On Tinie Tempah
Mum: "That's Tinie Tempah" Dad: "Who? Simon Templar?"

I also need to end this post with the best GIF ever... Boris dancing to The Spice Girls. Absolute legend.


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xXxStundonxXx said...

love this outfit, the skirt is beautiful. I can't wait to go spend some cash in Primark! I hope they still have it in.

Your hair looks amazing in these pictures, really healthy.

Your parents conversations gave me a good laugh! I loved watching the Spice Girls x

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