24 August 2012

I'd give away a thousand days

I'm lying today, I'm not actually wearing this right now. Oops. 
Dress: Oasis via ASOS

I bought this dress for £7 for the ASOS sale. I love shift dresses, but I'm not too sure about this one. I know shift dresses don't really flatter your figure or fit well. They're supposed to be a straight fit, but for some reason I don't like this one. Maybe it's slightly bigger than it should be? The material is quite thin and light... and as my hips are quite wide, I do have to be careful with this style, because sometimes it ends up being quite tight around my hips. I don't get that problem with this dress, but it seems more baggy than it's meant to be... You can see the excess material gathered at the sides. A slight adjustment to the width of it and it should be perfect. I do love the bright pink colour and the single white stripe down the middle. Very statement making and eye catching - right up my street.

It's nearly the weekend and I'm SO happy about that. This week has been full on weird. I can't even begin to explain it... And I wouldn't do anyway, as some things are best kept to yourself, right? I've got quite a busy weekend ahead of me... Including catching up with a few friends, gatecrashing my best friend's Nandos date with her fiance followed by a friend's gig tonight... and hopefully having a chilled out bank holiday (although it may consist of wine drinking on the Sunday. Standard). (:


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