07 August 2012

I'm gonna win, yes I'm gonna win

Top: Topshop | Trousers: Primark | Wedges: H&M | Necklace: Vivienne Westwood | Headband: Topshop

I've finally joined the peplum bandwagon after a while of debating whether they are actually as flattering as people claim. I always thought it would make me look bigger than I am, and so avoided tops and dresses at all costs. This top cost £18 and I thought I'd give it a go suddenly on my last shopping trip. I'm actually really surprised how much I like this top and how it fits. It's quite tight and fitting, but the peplum definitely helps to hide any love handles/muffin tops (whatever you want to call them!) which I was really impressed with. Teamed with my favourite paisley printed trousers from good old Primark and my small(ish) wedges, I think this would work well for my job or meetings... I did wear my Toms shoes with this during the day though so I was comfortable at work!

I'm currently out and about in London today to watch the Triathlon in Hyde Park... So yes, this is a scheduled post (shock horror)! I can safely say/presume (well, I am writing this before it actually happened) that the 3am wake up call would have hurt this morning... Anyway, check out my Twitter (@dani_johanna) or Instagram (danijohanna) to see what I'm up to through the day :) also going to try and make a video diary (note the word try there) so we shall see how that goes!



danielleyc said...

Love this top on you, and it looks amazing how you've styled it. I'm still yet to buy in to the peplum craze yet!

http://www.danielleyc.com/ x

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