18 August 2012

We run tings

T-shirt: Primark | Jeans: Motel Rocks | Rings: Clothes Show Live & Debenhams

I went for both comfort and style today - My favourite Motel Rocks jeans and my favourite Sesame Street tee! I got a few looks today with this t-shirt... Whether those looks were in a good way, I don't know but ah well. I can't point enough how comfortable these Motel jeans are. They're tight, flattering but you can move in them and you don't feel totally squished in them. They're like miracle jeans. As for the Primark tee... Do I really need to give a reason why this is amazing?

Sorry about my little disappearance act this week. I ended up falling quite ill earlier in the week and I've been on antibiotics ever since. Bleurgh! Today has been the first 'normal' day I've had... I've been bed/sofa ridden since Wednesday, but luckily the antibiotics have settled now and I've managed to actually enjoy the start of the weekend. So much so, I've decided to go out tonight for my friend's birthday. I know, I hear you... "Idiot!"... I've been looking forward to this night out all month, and if it wasn't for the fact I feel a lot better today, I wouldn't bother. I'm not going to drink (much) and my best friend will be looking after me, so I'm just excited to have a bit of a dance and a catch up! I've been told I can sit down through the night too (bars and clubs have chairs, well I never) but I'm rather glad about this fact. No doubt I will want to sit down and have a bit of a rest. I'm getting too old for this...


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Lyndsey Camille said...

LOVE this outfit I would totally wear it! It's fun yet edgy. And I don't want to be a copy cat, but I have to get those jeans. BTW following your blog now :)

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