21 August 2012

You had a heart but then you put a hole in mine

Shirt: Topshop | Vest: Primark | Shorts: Zara | Boots: Primark

I actually wore this outfit on Sunday for my nephew's BBQ. Lovely weather during the day, but I couldn't resist wearing my new Primark boots for the first time. I adore the studs at the back and the chunky heel. They're going to be very versatile to wear and will be great for when autumn officially hits. I decided to team them with my favourite Topshop sheer shirt and some denim shorts. Slightly 'mix and match' but I quite like it.

I'm really glad I'm well enough to go back to work now. I was going a bit insane being stuck in the house and fed up feeling ill. I like having some kind of routine in my life and I was just becoming so bored not being able to do anything... So I'm much happier now! Just trying to catch up with everything and everyone now. If anything, I'm starting to feel a bit stressed doing so, but never mind, I'm still happy and I seem to have a smile on my face a lot recently. It's been a long time since that's happened!


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Hayley said...

Lovely outfit :) X

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