07 September 2012

Burn with the brightest flame

Vest: H&M | Jeans: c/o Motel Rocks | Necklace: Topshop | Rings: Handmade

These gorgeous Motel Rocks Jodie jeans were my prize for when I surprisingly won the Motel Batiste Olympics competition a few weeks ago! I had an issue with the sizing before, as these jeans come quite tight, so it's best to get a size up than usual. As soon as these arrived, I knew I had to wear them the next day. I absolutely adore the yellow fiji print - it's not overloaded with patterns or flowers, and yet it's still eye-catching and vibrant.

The photos haven't picked up the yellow too much - they're actually brighter than it looks. The cropped length is great for the last little bit of winter, and I'd dress them up for a night out during winter. Who's saying I can't wear bright colours during winter, eh? The fit is amazing - reminds me of the Jordan jeans. High waisted and flattering in all the right places.

This week has gone stupidly fast, it's unbelievable. I'm glad it's Friday though - I may not have much planned this weekend (as usual) but I'm looking forward to a seriously good lie in Saturday morning! I've actually had a really good week, and I've got some very exciting things lined up over the next few months. One that I must mention is that my brother and sister-in-law bought me a ticket to see The Killers in October as an early birthday present. EEEEEEK. I could talk about this for hours, but I won't... I can't hide my excitement though. I'm such a fangirl.


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