13 September 2012

Gold on the ceiling

All Primark

I wore this outfit yesterday (I was way too stressed to consider writing a blog post, sorry!) and it's safe to say that I've definitely started to get out the A/W wardrobe already! This actually makes me a bit sad, yet also quite happy because I love A/W fashion. Anyway, this jumper is new from Primark and the colour is perfect for the upcoming season. Berry/maroon/whatever you want to call it is a firm favourite at the moment, even though it currently matches my hair colour. It's incredibly comfortable and warm, yet will be great to layer on top of things when it gets colder. I might have to stock up on this style in different colours!

As for the boots, I haven't shown you these properly on my blog before (apart from on the haul vlog). These are definitely my favourite boots at the moment - I love the studs at the back! They also give me a great excuse to wear heels, without towering over everyone and still being practical footwear to wear each day.

This week is flying by... But I say that every week lately. I just can't believe it's Thursday already! My parents are going on holiday on Saturday for 10 days, which means it's the first time in years that I can enjoy having the house all to myself, apart from the cat. He's keeping me company. I've been living elsewhere for the past 4 or so years, so it's going to be very odd being in this house alone! Not quite sure what to do either. I'd have a house party, but the last time I did that, a close friend of mine got Veet in his hair and ended up with a bald patch, then punched me in the face when I tried to help him. It's funny now we look back on it. Don't think I should have a party again...


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Sparkle said...

those booties are so cute! and that sweater looks so cosy :)gorgeous!


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