10 September 2012

Tell you I set you apart

Top: New Look | Skirt: eBay | Bracelets: Primark

Mixed my crop flowery vest with my trusty eBay midi skirt today... Well, I had to make the most of the weather, didn't I? I must admit, although I love the print on the top, it's actually really awkward to wear. Despite the elasticated back, there's not much stretch. You can sometimes see the buttons stretching as if I'm way too big for it. I'm not. It's just such a weird fit... A button sometimes pops open too. Bloomin' annoying! But alas, it's a really cute summer top, and the fact I bought it in the sale means I'm not too bothered about the quality of it.

This weekend has been pretty good, especially with the added sunshine! After a chilled out evening on Saturday (wine and takeaway with my mum - can't go wrong), I went out for lunch (and had more wine) with the family to celebrate the nephew's 18th birthday. We then took a detour to Merry Hill for some shopping... I figured as I've FINALLY got my travel expenses back from my last university trip (in April), I could celebrate by buying a new playsuit and some boots... That's fine, right? I'm kind of pumped for this working week as well. I don't know why. Maybe my happiness is making me enjoy things a lot more? It definitely makes a nice change anyway!


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