14 September 2012

We revisit a life we both left behind

Dress & Belt: Primark | Cameo rings: Handmade

I wore this dress to a client meeting at work this week. It's great for a smart work look, and yet I'd still feel comfortable wearing it during the day in general, or an evening occasion. It's quite versatile due to the slim fit, and it's a skater style yet quite fitted so no worries about it floating around anyway if it's windy outside. I love the speckled grey pattern, and the bright yellow belt that comes with it - definitely adds a much needed pop of colour!

I've got a serious case of the Friday feeling right now. I may not have much planned this weekend, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. I get to visit my brothers, sister-in-law and baby niece tonight, which I'm so excited about. My niece Lotte is growing up so fast - she's the cutest. She's possibly the only person (apart from my other baby niece, who's in Holland!) that will never fail to make me smile right now.

Anyway, other than my family visit, I plan on doing a lot of blogging, vlogging, sleeping, cleaning the car (because that's fun...) and watching films that I need to see but haven't watched at all. Taken and Drive are on the list so far, any other recommendations?



daisychain said...

LOVE that dress, a lot.

Ani. said...

Oh yes, the yellow belt is definitely a pop of colour! LOVELY!

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