20 October 2012

Making everything into a story

Shirt: Zara | Vest underneath: ASOS | Leggings: Zara

I've been looking for a military shirt for ages, but never found the right one. I like to be slightly different, and as soon as I spotted this number from Zara, I instantly fell in love with it. For £26, it's definitely worth the money, even though parting with that amount of money hurt a little bit... Saying that though, £26 for a great quality shirt isn't much at all. I love the khaki shade, and the yoke at the top (the striped pattern) as it makes it more unique than any other military shade I've seen. It's more 'western' style in that case, but it's my favourite shirt of the season so far.

I ended up going shopping on my own this morning and bought a few necessary winter bargains, including a couple of Christmas jumpers and cardigans! However, I did notice that the men's section of Primark has a better selection of Christmas jumpers than the women's section... Why is this?! I'm pretty sure it happened last year too.

Tonight, I'm off to a birthday party, so I'll be all dolled up with a glass of wine in my hand from 7.30pm onwards. Family events like this are always hilarious, so I'm really looking forward to it! I've got an amazing black jumpsuit from Zara (from the same day I bought the shirt!) to wear. To be honest, I can't decide which I'm more excited about, going to the party or wearing the jumpsuit...


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