29 October 2012

There's a hole in my soul, can you fill it?

Corset: Primark | Shorts: Internationale | Tights: Boots | Shoes: New Look | Bow tie: Borrowed | Hat: Claire's Accessories

I'm not overly sure what I dressed up as for Halloween. Some kind of zombie burlesque/vamp? Although Jess said I looked like someone from the Rocky Horror Show (my guess was Frank-N-Furter). Don't think I like that comment considering I am actually a girl, but there we go.  Anyway, I just threw this outfit together after I spotted the top hat - how cute is it?! I also wore a bow tie but I forgot to wear it for these photos... And I did wear a black blazer on top, because you know how cold it is right now!

I was quite proud of my make-up, even though it took 3 Youtube tutorials and around an hour to get it right. I mixed a light foundation with some white face paint, along with using black eyeshadow as a blush. I also used black eyeliner to create the cuts, and squeezed fake blood over them. The part by my mouth completely dried up before we left though, so it looked pretty disgusting... Which was perfect. Safe to say, the fake blood stained my skin and it took a fair while to take it off! My Tangle Teezer also got stuck in my hair as I tried to brush out the can of hairspray in it... Ohh the pain.

Jess dressed up as the devil, but she lost her trident around an hour after this photo was taken. Where it went, we have NO idea. It was a really good night though - house party to begin with, followed by a night out in Stourbridge (if you know the area, you would have thought 'poor you' at that). The night didn't end very well, but it was still good fun before that. I think it helped me love Halloween again.

I'm stupidly excited for this week. I have Wednesday and Thursday off work, and despite having to go to the doctors and dentist (bleurgh), I get to celebrate my birthday (over a month early) with my 2 brothers as we're off to see The Killers on Wednesday night (I may have mentioned that before...) and I CAN'T WAIT.


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