07 October 2012

We got no money, but we got heart

Shirt: Ever Ours | Shorts: Topshop | Leggings: Topshop | Shoes: Primark | Ring: Ever Ours

After discovering the brand Ever Ours on Twitter during the week, I fell in love with quite a few items on the website... And of course, found myself promptly ordering them. They arrived quite quickly in the week too, so as soon as I got home to the parcel, the shirt was on! I'm so pleased with the quality of this shirt (although I did end up ripping the arm seam a little bit... Easily fixable)!

The gold sequin collar is gorgeous and just enough to make a bold statement. I love the simple loose pleats on the front as well. It makes me look less... flat? It's very enhancing and flattering anyway. The material and colour is great too - usually cream colours need a vest underneath, but no other layer is required to stop your bra showing through! It also only cost £15 - absolute bargain!

Another purchase of mine is the 'Tea Time Double Ring', which only cost £5. I thought this was adorable, and a must for any tea fanatic, like myself. I'm a bit worried the spoon will break off though, as it hangs over my finger... But we'll see. I love the vintage inspired look, with one stone in each to help add some sparkle (if that's the way to describe it).

I wore this outfit on Friday night, when I caught up with my amazing friend Grant over a few too many glasses of wine. Today? I'm off to Bristol with my parents to watch The Lion King at the Hippodrome. Very excited - we've been waiting for this since March! It'll be great to see the city again, hopefully do a little bit of shopping and go for a nice meal somewhere before we head back home... :)



Hayley said...

That ring is soooo cool x

Cherry said...

Love the collar on this shirt!

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