04 October 2012

We used to be closer than this

Jumper: H&M | Top underneath: Topshop | Jeans: Primark

Not the greatest of outfits, but I went for warmth for comfort. The long sleeve tops have officially came out of the wardrobe! This tunic used to be long enough to wear with leggings, but as with majority of my Topshop clothes, it's shrunk a bit and is now a little bit too short! I still love the autumn colours and flowery print on it though, so I've matched it up with a pair of a black jeans and my plain grey jumper (because it's too cold not to).

Trying to conquer this little bit of illness I've got (first cold of winter, goddamnit) and I'm so exhausted lately. Can't wait for the weekend though. I'm meeting up with one of my lovely friends, Grant, for a few too many drinks on Friday. Probably to discuss the world of dating, and I'm apparently I'll be acting as his wingman. Hmm. Anyway... After that, I'm excited about going to Bristol to watch The Lion King with my parents! We got tickets for my mum's birthday, back when I actually lived in the city, so it'll be a good little road trip. Hopefully we'll have time to head over to the most amazing Primark EVER there... And the vintage shops... Oh the list is endless. Yayz.


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Cherry said...

This outfit is really cute, I love the jumper.

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