29 November 2012

Dance little liar

Dress: Motel Rocks | Rings: Jwlry and handmade | Necklace: Topshop

Yes, this is a summer dress. Yes, I did wear a cardigan with it and wrapped up warm... But I love this dress so much, I had to share it on here despite the fact the UK is freezing at the moment! I bought this midi dress in the sale a couple of months ago - down from £48 to £20. I love the denim look bralet and turquoise pleated skirt. I think they really compliment each other, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. The skirt actually gets a bit static though, which is a bit weird! It's a slimming fit, and falls in the right places. I can tell I'm going to wear this dress a lot during SS13!

I've finally got my hair done and I'm so happy - I actually feel like me again and I have my glamourous side back. You know when something isn't right, and you just end up being stuck in a rut and not bothering? Yeah, that. I hate feeling like that when it comes to my appearance, but now my hair is all nice again, I'm back to normal. Yayz. It's the same colour as before and a slightly longer cut (I prefer to have hair to play with)! Very happy with it :)

It's also less than a week until my birthday now - super excited! Loads of plans to look forward to, including visits to Sheffield on 7th-8th and the Clothes Show on the 9th. If anyone is around those places on those days, let me know, would be fab to meet some new people (or catch up if we haven't seen each other in ages)!

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25 November 2012

No more mischief with my mind

Jumper: Topshop | Maxi Dress: OMG Fashion | Boots: Office | Bag: Storm, c/o IL2L | Necklace: Urban Outfitters | Rings: Primark
Quite a casual outfit - very comfortable yet smart (probably a bit too dressed up for housework anyway). I do love this plain black maxi dress, even though it's pretty clingy. Wearing a loose jumper on top not only added some colour and texture to it, but also helped cover up the clingy areas! I dug out my favourite boots in the world - just as lovely to wear as last year, so I'll definitely be wearing them more often now.
I've wanted a brown satchel bag for ages now - I've got a small ASOS version, but I can barely fit anything in it. I never really considered to look at the range from Storm. I think the brand skips my mind most of the time. However, now I have this Solent Satchel Bag in my hands, I can firmly say that I won't be forgetting that brand in a hurry. It may not be real leather, but you can't really tell. It's very spacious inside so I can carry all my belongings in it. I know there's a crease on the pocket, but that'll go in time when I've started using it every day. The only thing I don't like is the 'Storm' branding - I've never been a fan of the brand name placed on bags (take note River Island), but at least it's quite understated on this one so I guess I can let this pass.
I'm getting my hair sorted on Tuesday, and I seriously can't wait. It's just an absolute mess right now - it's too long, the colour has faded, my roots are showing... Serious bleurgh. I think I'll be going for the same style and colour (well, definitely the same colour) as before... But if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. You know I'm all up for a drastic change now and again (although not TOO drastic)...
In other news, I'm off to the Clothes Show in Birmingham on Sunday 9th December :) I've been given a press pass and I'm so excited! Are you going to the Clothes Show? If you're going on the Sunday, then let me know as it would be fab to meet some new people!

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23 November 2012

Lost in the thrill of it all

Shirt: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Leggings: Topshop

I'm not sure how my hair looks brighter than it actually is in these photos, but there we go. I do love a denim shirt, but the only one I owned was an oversized Topshop one that has been worn to its death (which isn't yet, but it could be coming soon). I wanted a fitted shirt, and found this lovely item in Zara.

I love the studded detail on the shoulders and collar - just delicate so it doesn't overpower the shirt, yet catches your eye at the same time. It's different to other shirts I've seen, and I think that's why I wanted it in my life. It fits really well and could be worn dressed up or down (although I'd probably wear this dressed down). A statement piece in my wardrobe, I just need to be careful not to wear it with jeans (whoever invented double denim... No).

I can't really put this week into words. It's been great, and yet at the same time... Not so great? A definite highlight would be when I was reunited with the ever-so-handsome Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on Wednesday night. I won't go into the film, just in case I ruin it for people, but for those of you who have seen it, please join me when I say OMGZ. I'll say no more. That's the only interesting thing I have to say... Apart from, what's going on with the bloomin' weather this week? I hate rain.

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19 November 2012

Vlog Monday #6 | I Heart Fall

I may a little bit late on the whole 'I Heart Fall' tag, but it's still technically Autumn, so I figured it's still acceptable! I really need to get into the habit of making videos and editing them... But then again, maybe it's better for me to just record a vlog when I want to, rather than sticking to a schedule (as it obviously didn't work before).

I hope you enjoy :)

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18 November 2012

Photoblog: November 2012 (Part 1)

1. Treating mother to lunch. | 2. Shopping spree. | 3. Record heaven. | 4. Old school River Island. | 5. Fotd. | 6. Minnie love. | 7. Red sky at morning. | 8. Record player heaven. | 9. Old fashion finds. | 10. Super Mario. | 11. Childhood wallpaper. | 12. Best invention at work. | 13. Frosted mint hot chocolate love. | 14. Get Cape. made me day. | 15. Real life John Lewis. | 16. Fotd again. | 17. Muppet onesie time. | 18. Cat cuddles.

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17 November 2012

Hanging on to what I don't know

Shirt: Primark | Jeans: Topshop

This fitted shirt cost a grand total of £9. NINE POUNDS. I love the mix of teal and maroon in a checked pattern. I bought in a size bigger than usual, because there isn't a lot of give, and when I lift my arms up, the shirt goes with them... It's more comfortable and still doesn't look big on me. Primark tops are always hit and miss for correct sizes! I adore the little black tied bow around the collar too, but with the option to not wear it if I fancied keeping the shirt loose. It's a good length, but awaiting the moment it shrinks in the washing machine... It seems standard for Primark these days.

I'm having a much-needed relaxing weekend... Although saying that, my weekends aren't exactly the most thrilling days of the week lately anyway. My social life seems to have flown out the window over the last few weeks, so I'm currently counting down for my birthday, which is just over two weeks away. TWO WEEKS. I'll be 24... in two weeks. I can't decide if I'm excited at the fact it's my birthday and I have a few exciting things planned, or if I'm terrified at the fact I'll be 24. Pass me the anti-wrinkle cream.

[Lyric title: The Vaccines - I Always Knew]
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16 November 2012

Over and over many setting suns

Jumper: Primark | Skirt: Topshop

With a casual photobomb from Xander thrown in for good measure, I decided to wear my new Christmas fairisle jumper this week. I think the Christmas TV adverts are making me feel very... Christmassy... and even though this Primark jumper is pretty itchy (thanks to its delightly wool blend it seems to have in every winter item), I do love its simplicity and slightly tight fit. The fairisle pattern isn't too much on the eye either, and I love the mix of colours together. I matched it up with my trusty black maxi skirt... I can't seem to put this skirt away just yet.

Happy Friday everyone :) I don't have much to report on even though this week has been super busy. I bought tickets to see The Killers this morning though... I've never been to Wembley, and you know I love Brandon Flowers. Easiest £100 I've ever spent, although I don't have anyone to go with! Also trying to organise a couple of visits to Liverpool and Bath before Christmas... If anyone is around those cities and fancy meeting up, let me know!

[Lyric title: Two Door Cinema Club - Sun]
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