17 November 2012

Hanging on to what I don't know

Shirt: Primark | Jeans: Topshop

This fitted shirt cost a grand total of £9. NINE POUNDS. I love the mix of teal and maroon in a checked pattern. I bought in a size bigger than usual, because there isn't a lot of give, and when I lift my arms up, the shirt goes with them... It's more comfortable and still doesn't look big on me. Primark tops are always hit and miss for correct sizes! I adore the little black tied bow around the collar too, but with the option to not wear it if I fancied keeping the shirt loose. It's a good length, but awaiting the moment it shrinks in the washing machine... It seems standard for Primark these days.

I'm having a much-needed relaxing weekend... Although saying that, my weekends aren't exactly the most thrilling days of the week lately anyway. My social life seems to have flown out the window over the last few weeks, so I'm currently counting down for my birthday, which is just over two weeks away. TWO WEEKS. I'll be 24... in two weeks. I can't decide if I'm excited at the fact it's my birthday and I have a few exciting things planned, or if I'm terrified at the fact I'll be 24. Pass me the anti-wrinkle cream.

[Lyric title: The Vaccines - I Always Knew]


Chic and Cliché said...

LOVE the shirt! The little pussy bow detail completely won me over!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Aww cute look, love the shirt. The colours are great!
Daisy Dayz

Nicole Baxter said...

I love your blog check out mine sometime :)

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