10 November 2012

I belong with you, you belong with me

Dress: Primark | Leggings: Topshop | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Poppy ring: Kleshna

It's been nearly a year since I last wore my graduation dress, and since I've been reminiscing about that day, and university in general recently, I decided to dig it out my wardrobe today. I'm not usually one for long sleeves on dresses, but as the sleeves are quite sheer, I don't seem to mind them. I love the pinky-red colour pop on the collar, neckline and cuffs. The cut is really nice and flattering, and the length is great for days when you don't want to wear full on opaque leggings. There's a button at the top of the collar, but it looks just as good when it's undone due to how the neckline is designed. The pleated skirt just adds a bit of 'cuteness' to it as well. Primark's done good!

A couple of other items I need to sing about today (not literally)... My Kleshna poppy ring, which my mum bought for me after spotting Caroline Flack wearing one and thought it's right up my street, is just devine. I love having a different way of wearing a poppy, and this one is just so striking, vibrant, oversized and full of Swarovski crystals - the way I like my rings! It's also adjustable, which would normally be perfect, but I can't wear it on any other finger other than the middle one as it's slightly too big... At least my finger looks more presentable if anyone annoys me, right?! It cost just under £20, which may be a bit expensive, but to me it's an investment, and I'll probably end up wearing it in general!

As for the bag, this was yet another Urban Outfitters sale purchase. It cost £20 (down from £42) and I just adore it. The envelope style flap and the push lock just keeps it simple yet classic. It's the perfect size to keep all my necessary items, and it makes a nice change to carry a smaller bag anyway! It also comes with a shoulder strap, which is great if I decide to be lazy one day.

I've been really busy today sorting my room out and clearing out the spare room... Great fun as I found some amazing memories along the way. I found my incredibly old brick-like Gameboy (in black and white, so you know it's old!), various photographs, old fashion/needlework from the 1920s+... I'm sure I'll find more along the way too. Top it off with listening to my new vinyl record player and the random mix of records my family have collected through the years, and I've had myself a pretty good Saturday!

[Lyric title: The Lumineers - Ho Hey]


Grace Kendrick said...

I love the dress - it's gorgeous!
I have a record player just like this; they're great fun - it makes listening to music so great!
Grace X


Hola Bambi said...

Sooo beautiful xx

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