27 December 2012

A force from above, a sky-scraping dove

Apologies for the state of my cuticles! Ewww
Playsuit: Primark

With very little time to get ready on Christmas Day, I opted for the super comfy playsuit that I bought a few months ago (but was still the first time wearing it). It was the penguin print that attracted me to buy this playsuit... I do love penguins. The peter pan collar and the collar neck chain also helped me decide to add this to my wardrobe. It's a little bit big for me (that may be because of the weight loss), but it's easily adjustable. The chunky outlines around the pockets add a certain retro vibe to it... I thought I'd get fed up of that detail but I like it because it's different to what you see normally.

I also decided to try and experiment with my nails and paint Rudolph on my thumbs... Albeit slightly wonky. I'm happy with how they turned out though, as I'm by no means an expert!

I guess the fact that this playsuit was slightly too big to wear helped me on Christmas Day, due to the masses of food consumed. I had a lovely Christmas this year, especially as I spent it with my 2 baby nieces. They're coming up to the ages where they get excited about Christmas and, more importantly, new toys! As for me, I had a fabulous Christmas with all the family and I feel very lucky right now. Including the usual DVDs, gift cards, makeup (I've got my first ever NARS product!) etc, I was treated to an iPod Nano. My old one is slowly losing life, so it couldn't have come at a better time :)

As for the sales, is it just me or are they quite disappointing this year?! I've struggled so much to find some pretty clothes to buy, especially in Zara - straight on at midnight and NOTHING I wanted in my size? Fail. Have you had any luck in the sales?



Eda. said...

Love the festive nails and playsuit darling x

Eda x

daisychain said...

PENGUINS! I so love this, if only Primark playsuits didn't cut me in half! x

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