16 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012 - The outfit

Shirt and Shorts: Primark | Vest underneath: H&M | Bag: eBay

It was pretty difficult trying to choose an outfit that was practical, stylish, comfortable and warm. I went to a gig on the same night as well, so it had to suit everything that was going on that day! In the end, I decided to go for some colour popping electric blue shorts, which are now a little bit too big (but probably look better on me now), and my polkadot studded shirt. I like clashing colours and prints together... This wasn't too extreme but I think it worked.

Straight after a long day at CSL, I went to the NIA to see The Maccabees and The Black Keys - possibly one of my favourite gigs that I've been to. They were both incredible, and was a brilliant end to my birthday celebrations. I was also very glad I wore this outfit too, as it got very hot in the gig (and luckily I wore my Converse, which helped massively)! Needless to say, I was aching so much for two days afterwards... Maybe I should chill out before a gig next time.

The Maccabees.

The Black Keys.

Disco ball. Incredz.

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