15 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012 - Roundup

This is going to be a VERY photo-heavy post, but sometimes it's easier to tell a story through photos rather than words.

I attended Clothes Show Live in Birmingham on Sunday - my trusty press pass helped me mark a lovely end to my birthday weekend! I ended up going with my mum and sister, who bought tickets to come along. I must admit though... If it wasn't for my press pass, I would have been pretty disappointed if I spent £27 to go.

The event was packed full of brands, majority of which I have never heard of or am not interested in. I've always enjoyed checking out the Benefit and Motel Rocks stands, but neither were there this year - very sad about that! However, some stands, including Barry M (which was constantly busy) and Models Own, didn't disappoint and their goody bags were ah-mazing. Bumping into Lee Stafford and watching Jamie Laing getting chased by hundreds of screaming girls (I was nearly one of them) were also delightful sights. Fashion wise, I felt at a loss as I wasn't that keen on anything (apart from the vintage area). I always find that beauty beats fashion at CSL... Ironic.

As for the Fashion Show, high expectations weren't exactly met but it was still a great performance. Taking you through a day in the fashion industry (Anna Wintour's life, in fact), we had plenty of scenes to feast our eyes on. I'll be honest though... As busy as Anna Wintour's life may be, is it really true that at 10am you could be on a photo shoot in London, at 1pm you're in a hot country for a music video, then 5pm at an awards ceremony (or something like that - don't exactly count me on it)?! Maybe the journalist in me found it fascinating, but yet I questioned everything because there's no way it could all be true! I obviously judged it too much...

Anyway, during the show, lovely looking men were in next to nothing (always a plus when sat right at the front of the catwalk) and the outfits were fabulous... Mind you, I have no idea where the outfits were from. I don't think it was the best show they've done, but they did it justice. I really hope they think of something completely original and different next year, just to spice it up.

Something I didn't get? Someone acting like Nicki Minaj as if they were filming a music video. No need really. A guy also acted as Psy at the end of the show... Also weird, but the song is so brilliant that I didn't care.

Told you it would be photo heavy! I'm glad I went, but at the same time, if ticket prices increase next year and it goes further downhill... Well, I don't really know what will happen. All I know is that Clothes Show Live needs to up its game! It also needs to secure more top brands. Of course, it's a fantastic way to showcase more unknown brands, but the ones that have been regular over the past few years (I'm looking at you Motel Rocks and Benefit!)... Bring them back please!

Needless to say, not all was lost and I did end up spending some money... Mainly on beauty goody bags, but I did treat myself over in the vintage/more independent brands area. I hope the vintage part of Clothes Show Live continues to grow - it could become such a huge part and people need to embrace it a lot more. Keep a look out for my next post on what I ended up buying!

Overall, I'm a bit skeptical about whether it's worth £27. My mum and sister seemed to enjoy the day, but I don't think they're majorly fussed about going again next year. Both of them bought more than me in the end, but I think some of the stands' sales tactics got to them a bit! It was a lovely day out though and I did enjoy it over there! I just really hope that CSL make it better next year...



Cherry said...

Great pics, I would have loved to go to the Elemis bus!

Jade | Beauty Butterfly said...

How did you manage to get the press pass?? Xx

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