23 December 2012

ghd Metallic Limited Edition styler

This month, I was given the task to create hairstyles for special occasions, using one of ghd's new limited edition metallic stylers. I was sent a metallic silver styler and I was very excited to try it out! I don't really do much to my hair, apart from straighten it... But on the odd occasion (mainly when I can be bothered to get seriously dolled up) I curl my hair. I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to curling my hair, so I was intrigued to see whether this would make the task easier!

The styler in general is gorgeous - I never thought I'd say that about an electrical appliance. The box it comes in is quite simple, but focuses on the main metallic colour. You also get a bag to put your styler in, which is heat-proof. Great when you're going away for a weekend, or just to help save your bedroom surface!

I adore the silver shade, as it looks professional, classic and smart. It's very light so it'll be easy to transport wherever. Saying that though, it feels very well-made so hopefully it will last a long time. If it doesn't, you are offered a 2 year guarantee with it so you don't need to worry.

Now for the styling. I'm not sure how to explain it. My photos aren't great at showing each step either! But here goes...

1. With some big hair grips, I concentrate on one side of my hair and half it, so the top half is clipped up. It's already blow dried and brushed (because when I've curled it, I avoid a brush at all costs), but I always make sure I've used some heat defence/protection spray.

2. I start to section the lower part of my hair, clipping back the hair I'm not curling at the time. Now, this is when I'm a bit of a mess and I just do some guesswork! I take a small section of my hair (I guess it depends on how tight you want the curls, but I only take around an inch worth of hair a time) and clip the rest to the side.

Failed on the whole 'section your hair first' bit for these, but you get to see a curl...

3. I straighten the free section of hair, but stop at around a couple of inches off the end. I twist the styler up the section of hair quite tightly, and hold it up to my head for a few seconds. I then loosen the styler so the curls (hopefully) drop down.

4. Hairspray the curl before it drops out completely!

5. I pretty much repeat the last couple of steps until each section is done. I then carefully drop the top section of my hair, ensuring the clip is still intact so it doesn't just merge with the curled hair. I then take small sections to curl and repeat step three and four!

6. I always leave my fringe quite straight because it looks a bit weird having it curled... But hopefully, my hair would now be all curly! I tend to struggle getting my hair curly on the day that I've washed it, so I always wash my hair the day before a night out if I plan to stick some curls in... It just seems to be a lot easier to style!

I can only apologise for how rubbish my so-called tutorial is. Overall, I know it's not the most exciting hair style, but I'm always restricted because I'm not very creative with my hair! It didn't take very long to curl it... I'd say around 10-15 minutes in total, which is pretty good for me! Considering the styler didn't feel that hot, I was quite impressed that it worked so well (and helped to avoid any accidental burns). The fact it's slim helped to create tighter curls as well.

The styler costs £135 and comes in a variety of metallic colours. I definitely recommend ghd - I haven't used a styler like this before, which made curling my hair more of a joy to do rather than a complete mission. Even the older generation ghd styler that I've used previously made it a bit of a task to do and I could never get it quite right! I think I'm going to start experimenting more with my hair styles..!

How do you usually style your hair for a night out?


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