21 January 2013

Snow day

The smallest snowman evz.

Not so much an outfit post, but a round up of my super busy weekend that involved a hell of a lot of snow... Obviously. The only things I have to show are my Topshop duffle coat and my Hunter wellies. The coat is too big for me now, but I'm calling it my 'snow coat' as I can layer up a lot under it and it's long enough so my jeans/trousers/whaever-I'm-wearing don't get ruined... I adore my wellies though, especially the duck egg blue colour. They're pretty comfortable and came in very useful because of the height of them!

I usually hate snow. Everything about it... It's cold and wet. It ruins my clothes. When it starts to go, it turns into sludge. Sometimes it turns into ice. Just... Bleurgh. Saying that though, I don't think I've ever been out in the snow so much before the weekend just gone. I went sledging with the girls on Saturday, which was the most hilarious day ever. Jess and I nearly crashed into a tree, and then nearly went straight through some bushes on the golf course. Brilliant day, but I lost all feeling in my fingers and toes (there I go moaning again).

I then went sledging again on the Sunday with another friend, and I beat him at sledging, which I was pretty proud about! Although I fell off and made a fool of myself... I chose the 'just laugh it off' route rather than the 'Omgzzz I bloody hate snow' route.

Driving in it wasn't much fun though, so I could do with it disappearing now. I'm bored now Mr Snowman. MELT ALREADY.


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Zoe said...

Lovely photos! Ive been loving the snow too but it's becoming a bit inconvenient now!

Zoe | zozeze.com x

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