28 January 2013

You left my heart like an abandoned car | Outfit

Shirt: Primark | Vest underneath: Topshop | Shorts: Topshop

All credit to my mum for this shirt - I think it's definitely suitable for me! I've been meaning to buy a 'letters' shirt for a while now, but never found one I like. This is a cute batwing sheer shirt. The short sleeves and loose fit will make it great for when the weather warms up. It's very smart/casual, and I can wear it with pretty much everything (I do love a good versatile shirt).

The last few days have been majorly busy for me. Over the weekend, one of my lovely friends had a surprise baby shower, which was great fun. We played baby shower games, such as guessing nursery rhymes (which turned quite dirty... As you do) and tasting baby food. That last one wasn't a favourite activity of mine. The first one made me heave, so I kind of stopped that game afterwards. Seeing the others suffer out the rest of the baby food was hilarious though. After fun and games, I went to the cinema to see Django Unchained with the boyfriend (yes, you heard that right. "Kept that one quiet"). Incredible film, but pretty gruesome and long! Definitely recommend watching it though!



Leanne Marie said...

Love this shirt, it's so quirky!

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Hayley said...

I love the shirt. The baby shower sounds really fun, I've never been to one before x

daisychain said...

I really love that shirt! xx

Tasha Lauren said...

I lovee this shirt, definitely need to get my hands on it. Looks great with the shorts.

Love your blog!

Tasha xx

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