28 February 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balm | Review

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in Curvy Candy - £16

I don't usually go lip balms - I'm definitely a lipstick girl. However, this is such a great little product for a simple daytime look. It's a medium pink shade that just tints your lips and adds a bit of glossiness without being sticky (which is usually the main reason why I avoid lip balm/glosses)!

The pigmentation is pretty good - you don't need to apply too much product to create your look. However, it doesn't last all day - maybe a couple of hours at most - so you do need to reapply through the day. The pigmentation definitely helps though - the colour isn't too strong to begin with, so it's not completely noticeable when you go without it! It's also moisturising on your lips - perfect during the colder months!

The packaging is quite big (hence the name, I guess). I was a bit apprehensive at first, but now I've realised it's more for daytime, it will definitely be useful to keep in my oversized handbags and it'll be easy to find! It also matches the shade of the lip balm, so if you have more than one, you can easily spot which shade you want.

Overall, it's a really good product and has helped me enjoy wearing lip balms again. It's great for a treat now and again, or maybe as a present for someone special to you. I can't see myself stocking up on this product though, as the price tag is pretty high for my budget! I struggle to spend £16 on lipstick, let alone lip balm.

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25 February 2013

One way or another | Outfit

These were taken over a week ago - no way would I be able to wear these shoes right now because of my silly knees!
Tshirt: Stella McCartney for TK Maxx | Jeans: Primark | Boots: George at Asda

When I found out that Stella McCartney has designed this year's Comic Relief t-shirts, I knew I had to get my hands on one. Seeing The Beatles with red noses won me over. I do like the fact it's just a standard t-shirt, and maybe one day I'll customise it and change the sleeves and neckline, but for now I'm keeping it as classic as possible. I will happily wear this tee after Red Nose Day, and the fact I've done my bit for charity just makes this tee even better.

Excusing the bright blue socks, I'm in love with my new wedge boots. I spotted a very similar pair in New Look that I was considering buying, but these George at Asda boots were just £11 in the sale so I snapped them up sharpish! The wedge heel isn't too high, and they are very comfortable to wear during the daytime. They will be great to dress up a more casual outfit for an evening too.

The last week has been a bit of an odd one. You may have noticed me moaning about my knees on Twitter lately (and on my last outfit post)... Well, they're still no better and the doctor has ordered me to rest for a week and take some lovely tablets to help me recover. Joy. I managed to enjoy the weekend though, as it's the first full weekend that the boyfriend and I spent together. I'm gutted that I'm going to miss my Sheffield visit tomorrow though - always love going there to help out at uni! Sad times.

I get that they've ruined two classics, but it suits the theme...
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18 February 2013

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Gel | Review

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Gel Fabric Stain Remover*

I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty messy. I spill makeup on me when I'm rushing in the morning. I spill tea down me (I don't even know how sometimes). One way or another, a stain will appear on my clothes at some point during the week. I actually sound disgusting now. I'm not.

Vanish has always been a go-to product whenever I mess up my clothes. White tops are the worst to wear, not just for showing stains but they just lose the colour as well. They always end up an off-white/grey kind of shade. Weird. When the lovely people at Vanish contacted me to try out a stain removal product from the range, I jumped at the chance to see what it was like. I then decided to (a bit too) generously smear foundation on two old white tops to see how well it worked.



As you can see, the tops themselves have gained their white colour again. I don't think I've seen them so white in ages, so for that I'm very impressed. Unfortunately, I think I rubbed foundation in a bit too much in one area as it didn't all come off. However, I used the Pre-Wash Stain Stick (which I use all the time when needed - brilliant product!) and it removed the stain completely. Vanish doesn't just work for makeup stains either, it works for all sorts - food, blood stains (I know, nice).
Vanish's Oxi Action Crystal White Gel stain remover costs £4.90 (from Waitrose, but is probably available in other supermarkets) and I would highly recommend it, as long as the stains aren't too bad (like the one I created). If it is, then there's always the other Vanish products to fall back on! It's definitely lived up to it's 'crystal white' name though and I will keep using it for that reason alone, regardless of stains!

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17 February 2013

Now the wolf is knocking at my door

Top: River Island | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Barratts Shoes*

Not the most exciting of outfits for a Saturday, but unfortunately I had to keep it simple due to my lovely swollen knee. You may see my right leg being bent in both photos... That's not on purpose. Anyway, this skater skirt is still my go-to skirt whenever I'm struggling to decide on an outfit. It's such a staple piece in my wardrobe.

I also forgot how much I love the pattern on this flowery top - the colours mean I can wear it during colder months as well, although I obviously wore a cardigan on top. I seem to be living in knee high socks recently too, but today has been the only day I've shown them off due to needing an ice pack on my knee!

Despite the fact I can't exactly walk, I had to team this outfit with my new Timeless shoes from Barratts. I love the mustard colour and the tassle knots at the front. These shoes are so comfortable and great to add a bit of colour to an outfit! I can't wait to wear these more when the weather gets better. They only cost £20 in the sale, down from £28. Even before the sale, they are well worth the money.

This weekend hasn't gone according to plan. After a great few days in Sheffield teaching at university, I've come home to a swollen knee and the stupidest limp going. I have no idea what I've done to it, but alas, here I am, bored, with my leg elevated and an ice pack stuck to it. I've had to change all my plans this weekend because of my knee, which absolutely sucks as the boyfriend and I were going to go to the cinema because we didn't do anything on Valentines Day (although he did get me Brandon Flowers' album on vinyl - ah-maaaazing!). But yeah, well done knee for ruining everything!

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16 February 2013

Photoblog: February 2013 (Part 1)

1. I miss my favourite shorts. | 2. Brunch time. | 3. Two Door Cinema Club. | 4. New hair. | 5. Favourite worst dress. | 6. Red Nose Day package. | 7. Cat in the loft. | 8. Fancie cupcakes. | 9. Valentine's flowers. | 10. Brandon Flowers for Valentines. | 11. Feels like Christmas. | 12. The best USB memory stick evz.

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13 February 2013

20 Facts About Me

1. My middle name (Johanna) is pronounced 'Yohanna' - it's one of my nan's middle names and she's German. I always correct people when they pronounce it wrong... and sometimes I wish I was actually named Johanna.

2. Before I studied Journalism at university, I did one semester in Early Childhood Studies. I dropped out as I nearly failed the semester. Cue mad flick through the prospectus and chose Journalism purely because I wanted to stay in Sheffield.

3. During my 'drop-out' year, I worked in the Crocs shop in Meadowhall. You guessed it, I sold those delightfully disgusting things. I had to wear them too. The only way I managed to wear them is by covering them in Muppets and Disney 'jibbitz'.

4. I bite my nails. It's gross. Sorry about that.

5. I used to have bleach blonde hair when I was 16.

6. I have a cat called Xander - he's now classed as a senior and he's a big wimp. He's been shot in the tail once... and got ran over and broke his pelvis.

7. I have two tattoos and currently planning on getting one extended.

8. I have a very low threshold for pain.

9. I have a small scar/dent on my forehead. I was being chased by my nephew (of similar age) when we were around 4 years old. I managed to run head first into a bookcase. I didn't get a corner though, so who knows how it dented my head.

10. I don't read enough. I'd love to be able to sit down and read a book, but my mind is constantly on the go. The last book I read was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close... It took me 3-4 months to read.

11. I have an extensive list of films I need to watch. I sometimes buy films to make it easier for me to watch them, but some are still in the wrapping untouched on the bookshelf.

12. I have a very unhealthy obsession with Brandon Flowers/The Killers. So much so, I've paid £100 for gig tickets and £60 for the Hot Fuss album (on vinyl) without even thinking about it.

13. I've had one crash in my car - I reversed into a lamppost.

14. I won the 'Most Changed' award in my Sixth Form Leavers Awards 2007. I hope it was in a good way.

15. I really want to visit Paris, Hamburg (where my nan is from), New York and Sydney. In fact, I'd love to live in either of the last two... Or at least the same country.

16. I can take compliments, but I always blush to the same colour as my hair... Then people tell me that I'm blushing, which makes me blush even more.

17. My best friend has the same surname as me. We used to pretend we're cousins back in school, fooling some students and teachers. I've never been sure how we managed to, as she has a twin brother who I didn't claim I was related to...

18. I once got into a little argument with Gok Wan over journalism/interview techniques. According to him, journalists can't put people on the spot. I think it was an excuse because he couldn't answer my 'current trends' question very well.

19. I love baking cakes and I wish I had more time (and more money) to bake more often.

20. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is pay off any debts/mortgages that my family have. Most people would say they'd buy a car or a house, but I'm not bothered about those. I might stretch to a Mulberry handbag though when my good deeds are done...

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11 February 2013

New car, new girl, new ice, new glass | Outfit

Dress: Warehouse via ASOS

This would easily be my favourite dress in the entire world, if it wasn't for the fact it's an absolute nightmare to wear. According to the website description, this dress has a concealed zip. Does it 'eck. It's that concealed, you can't find it, because it doesn't exist. It took a few minutes to put it on, and a few more minutes (with my mum's help) to take the dress off! Not good. Other than that, I adore this dress. I love the sheer panel against the bronze sequins. The underlay skirt is long enough for me, and the side splits makes the dress just that little bit more exciting. It fits really well (once you've struggled to put it on). Another negative would be how the sequins scratch against the inside of your arms, which is pretty uncomfortable. I won't end on a negative though... I could easily live in this dress. I love it so.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Sheffield for a few days to help out at my old university. I'm really excited to be reunited with my favourite city and catch up with a few people. I always enjoy going back to Sheffield Hallam and 'teaching'. Also hoping to check out the lovely vintage shops and a have a sneaky trip to Fancie too... If you're in Sheffield, let's meet up :)

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