18 February 2013

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Gel | Review

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Gel Fabric Stain Remover*

I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty messy. I spill makeup on me when I'm rushing in the morning. I spill tea down me (I don't even know how sometimes). One way or another, a stain will appear on my clothes at some point during the week. I actually sound disgusting now. I'm not.

Vanish has always been a go-to product whenever I mess up my clothes. White tops are the worst to wear, not just for showing stains but they just lose the colour as well. They always end up an off-white/grey kind of shade. Weird. When the lovely people at Vanish contacted me to try out a stain removal product from the range, I jumped at the chance to see what it was like. I then decided to (a bit too) generously smear foundation on two old white tops to see how well it worked.



As you can see, the tops themselves have gained their white colour again. I don't think I've seen them so white in ages, so for that I'm very impressed. Unfortunately, I think I rubbed foundation in a bit too much in one area as it didn't all come off. However, I used the Pre-Wash Stain Stick (which I use all the time when needed - brilliant product!) and it removed the stain completely. Vanish doesn't just work for makeup stains either, it works for all sorts - food, blood stains (I know, nice).
Vanish's Oxi Action Crystal White Gel stain remover costs £4.90 (from Waitrose, but is probably available in other supermarkets) and I would highly recommend it, as long as the stains aren't too bad (like the one I created). If it is, then there's always the other Vanish products to fall back on! It's definitely lived up to it's 'crystal white' name though and I will keep using it for that reason alone, regardless of stains!


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