09 March 2013

John Frieda Frizz-Ease | Review

John Frieda Frizz-Ease - Hair Serum, Smoothing Creme & 3-Day Straight Styling Spray *

John Frieda is pretty well-known to help eliminate frizziness, but I've never really given it a proper chance to see if it would work for my locks. My hair is manageable, and usually controllable, but it has its moments.

My hair is quite coarse and incredibly prone to some frizz attacks. Winter weather hates my hair. Flyaway hair goes everywhere and my hair can look like a flattened afro at times. I do love my hair to be volumised, but occasionally I would love it if my hair just did what it was told and I could style it without my hair frizzing at the top. That's where this collection comes in. I've tested a few products from the range to check out just how much of a difference Frizz-Ease makes (if anything).

Hair Serum (Original Formula) *

I used to be a big fan of hair serum when I liked my hair straight, but now I much prefer volume. This product is for medium to coarse hair, which definitely suits my hair so I was intrigued to see the results. At first use, I was really impressed with this product. I applied one pump of product to damp hair (a little goes a long way!) and blow-dried as normal. As it includes heat defense, I didn't use any other product (I put all my trust in it)! I did notice a big difference straight away. Usually my hair dries like some kind of big fluffball, but instead my hair is smooth and straight without needing an attack with the straighteners. It doesn't feel heavy on my hair and it adds a nice gloss to it.

It's great to use if you want your hair to be smooth and manageable, but I did notice the next day that my hair was completely flat. Not good for someone who likes volume! I won't be using this hair serum every time I've washed my hair, purely because of the volume aspect, but it's perfect if I fancy straight hair but have less time to style it properly. I will repurchase this product in the future (it costs £6.29 in Boots) - it did the job and got rid of the frizziness with ease (exactly what it says on the tin).

3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray*

I wouldn't say my hair is curly, so immediately I'm not expecting a great deal from this product! The idea is to spray it on wet hair and your hair should stay straight for 3 days. You also need to blow dry AND straighten your hair after applying it (because it's activated by heat). The spray in general is really good - it's quite light (as it's liquidy). It feels a bit sticky at first, but once dried that does disappear and your hair is left with, again, a nice shine to it. My hair actually becomes more straight during 3 days anyway, so I'm not sure entirely sure if the product aided that or not.

I doubt I would repurchase it again (£6.99 in Boots) because it doesn't suit my hair type. It's a nice addition to my beauty box, but won't be part of my routine. It helped my hair a little bit, but my hair is already manageable. This product may be more suitable for those of you who have slightly curlier/thicker than mine!

Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme*

I was a little bit apprehensive with this product - the world 'creme' just makes me think that it's going to be so heavy on my hair and end up all greasy! It turned out that I was wrong though, and I was pleasantly surprised by how the flyaway hairs on the top of my head (that just WON'T STAY DOWN) actually stayed down for the day. You only need a little bit of product, but my hair felt soft and smooth afterwards.

Again, I probably wouldn't use this all the time but it will help in the autumn/winter months when my hair is little less controllable. I'd definitely repurchase this though (£5.89 at Boots), but I can imagine I won't need to for ages as this will last me a very long time.

Overall, the range is pretty good and I can't really fault it much. Some products suit my hair type better than others, so don't rely on my review (or anyone else's review for that matter) as you could experience something different. I've always loved John Frieda products - in the past, I've been an avid user of its Radiant Red and Sheer Blonde ranges before (yes, I've been both of those colours! (Click here to check it out) and I will definitely add Frizz-Ease to the list (in particular the serum)!


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